5 Top Tips to Make Your Home More Appealing to Potential Buyers

When you put your house for sale, having an open house is imperative.


Sure, real estate agents are responsible for organizing an open house. However, it is your job to make your house look appealing to potential home buyers.


Preparing your house for an open house allows you to make a sale as soon as possible. And the money you can make from selling your old house enables you to make your new home livable.


That said, we have listed down five tips on your can make your home more appealing to potential buyers:


Work on your curb appeal

The curb is the first thing that a potential home buyer will see. Hence, you should not neglect this part when prepping your house for selling.


Here are curb improvements that you can do:


  • Trim your lawn
  • Prune your garden
  • Clean and fix your roof
  • Repaint the front of your house
  • Fix your front door


This might sound cliche, but the first impression lasts. Hence, you must improve your house's curb appeal if you want to snatch a sale real quick.


Address minor issues

Leaky pipes and busted lights can turn off potential buyers. This means that it can hinder you from selling your house.


That said, ensure that you addressed minor issues and make the necessary repairs before putting your house up for sale. This includes fixing leaky pipes, replacing busted lights, removing mold build-up, and more.


Mind you; there are repairs and home upgrades that you can do to increase your home's market value.


Depersonalize your interiors

The way you decorate your house shows your personality and how you want people to perceive you. However, it is not the case when selling your home. That's because you need to entice potential buyers that your house is worth its price.


That said, it would be best to depersonalize your home. You can start by removing framed photos of you and your family. However, you can still display a framed picture on a shelf to give a potential home buyer an idea of how they can decorate a space.


Another example is the bedroom. Replace the beddings and linens with something neutral-colored. It is enough for a potential buyer to know that what they see is a bedroom and nothing else.


But if you prefer to use colored linens, like baby pink for the girl bedroom and powder blue for a boy bedroom, you can do so. However, we would suggest keeping a neutral wall color.


For the bathroom, remove personal items like your skincare product. Keep it empty if you can. That way, your potential buyer can imagine how they would organize their belongings if they buy your house.


Moreover, depersonalizing your house allows you to decrease the number of clutter that you need to clean.


Brighten up your home

Your space is now depersonalized and decluttered; the next step is to brighten it up. You can do this by cleaning your home thoroughly.


For one, a clean and bright home can be warm and inviting. And it is something that you hope a potential buyer would feel as soon as they step into your house.


We always say that at Planet Maids House Cleaning NYC, we believe that a clean house makes a homebuyer less critical. That's because a clean home would make it easier for them to imagine how they would want the house to look like should they decide to buy it. It is also a great way to showcase that your home does not have any issues like mold build-up and leaky pipes.


If you want to ensure quality home cleaning, we recommend hiring a professional home cleaner. That way, you can take the load off of your shoulder and focus on other essential things.


Let the light in

Letting the light in can make a huge difference in how potential home buyers perceive your house, to the point that it makes a room look bigger.


Open houses happen during the daytime. Hence, it would be best to open your windows and let natural light in when you have potential home buyers over.


Meanwhile, you should also fix your light bulbs and install more where it is needed. That way, the homebuyers can switch the lights on or off whenever they feel like it.


Prepping Your House for Sale

Who would want to buy a dingy house with busted pipes? No one!


Preparing your home to welcome potential buyers can make a huge difference in generating a sale. So, before you list your house up for sale, ensure that you follow these tips:


  1. Work on your curb appeal
  2. Address minor issues
  3. Depersonalize your interiors
  4. Brighten up your home
  5. Let the light in


Doing these home prepping tips can help you attract the right homebuyer, boost your home's market value, and sell it as soon as possible.

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