Laminate Flooring Designs: 7 Fantastic Looks for Your Home

Laminate flooring is one of the most impressive options on the market today. Laminate is fast and easy to install, a breeze to take care of, and can last for many years. Laminate flooring is also resistant to scratches, and it isn’t affected by heat, humidity, or moisture like other floors.

Laminate flooring is primarily made from melamine resin and fibreboard material, but it can resemble practically any other type of flooring! From hardwood to natural stone to ceramic tile, laminate can recreate your favourite looks for a fraction of the price.


This is where laminate flooring really shines, and it’s what we’re going to focus on in this article. Read on to discover 7 fantastic laminate flooring designs that you can create in your home.

1. Create a Sophisticated Dark Wood Look

Nothing says sophistication and charm quite like a dark hardwood floor. From a deep maple to a rich oak, you can’t go wrong with a dark hardwood finish. These floors are modern and timeless at the same time, and they offer a certain level of charm that you can’t achieve with other aesthetics.

With a laminate floor, you can create a sophisticated dark wood look without having to pay for or maintain a hardwood floor. Installation is easy and you can enjoy your brand new floor with no hassle for many years to come.

2. Embrace the Antique with a Textured Hardwood Style

Some things never go out of style, including the colours, textures, and luxuriousness of an antique hardwood floor. Antique hardwood flooring is defined by its long planks, rich brown and coffee colours, and the natural variations in the wood.


Antique hardwood floors are defined by character, and that’s hard to replicate. You either have an antique floor or you don’t.


If you don’t have an antique floor, you can recreate it with a brilliant laminate floor.

3. Choose the Natural Wood Look with a Patterned Twist!

Hardwood floors can be a decorative element on their own, but if you want to take this to the next level, you can invest in a patterned hardwood floor.


One of the most popular patterned looks is the chevron pattern, which creates an inverted-V look across your floor. Installing a hardwood chevron floor can be a bit of a geometrical headache, but with laminate flooring, the process is easier than ever. All the design work has been done for you; all you need to do is add some underlay and lock your laminate planks into place.

This impressive design is sure to draw the eye and create some conversation, so jump into patterned laminate flooring today!

4. Distressed Hardwood Flooring Without Any of the Stress

Distressed hardwood flooring is similar in aesthetic to the antique or reclaimed look. Rather than gaining its unique characteristics through age, a distressed hardwood floor achieves its look through techniques such as scraping, sculpting, wire brushing, and other manual ageing methods.


Luckily, you don’t need to invest in a carefully distressed hardwood floor to enjoy that reclaimed look. Simply choose a laminate floor with a distressed hardwood design and start enjoying your favourite hardwood floor sooner!

5. Lighten Up Your Space with a Whitewash Look

Laminate flooring can imitate a wide range of colours, so there’s no reason your faux wood floor has to be brown!


If you want to lighten up your space and create a modern, spacious, and airy environment, a whitewash look is perfect for you. Whitewash designs offer a softer aesthetic for your home without sacrificing the natural characteristics that make hardwood floors so unique.

You can mimic practically any style of whitewash floor with laminate, so pull out your colour palette and choose your favourite whites, lights, and creams. Laminate flooring is the easiest way to create a whitewash hardwood look, and it can be installed in your living room with minimal fuss.

6. The Simplest Solution for Natural Stone Flooring

Laminate flooring is most famous for mimicking hardwood floors like maple or oak, but it can actually recreate practically any flooring style.

If you’ve always wanted a natural stone floor but you’re put off by the price or the installation process, laminate flooring with a stone appearance is a perfect choice. You will be blown away by the rich colours and realistic textures offered by laminate stone flooring. You will notice the natural variations, dimensional depth, and deep veins that define natural stone floors.


From limestone laminate flooring to marble look laminate floors, all the characteristics of natural stone are now within your reach!

7. Looks Like Tiles, Cleans Like Laminate!

Ceramic tiles are a timeless look that can enhance bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, dining rooms, and even hallways. If you want to create a grand entrance into your home, a tile look could be the way to go.


The biggest problem with tile flooring is probably grout, which can be difficult to clean and maintain. Dirty grout can really bring down the appearance of your tiles, but no one wants to spend hours on their hands and knees.


Laminate can effectively recreate the tile look, including the appearance of grout. The only difference is that the grout on laminate tiles is just another design element. Just like the rest of your laminate floor, it’s easy to clean with simple sweeping and mopping. Laminate flooring is also much more comfortable underfoot compared with tiles, which can be a nightmare on cold winter mornings!


Laminate flooring is available as individual tiles for greater authenticity, or you can install planks, which contain several tiles each.

Find Your Favourite Laminate Design Today

The 7-laminate flooring looks listed above are just the tip of the iceberg. If you have a favourite flooring design that you want to recreate with laminate, simply search it out today. The design you’re looking for is probably out there, and it’s likely to be cheaper and much easier to care for.


To recreate your favourite hardwood, stone, or tile look using laminate flooring, talk to a trusted supplier today.




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