How mixing styles will benefit to your kitchen remodeling

Each one has its own novel flair of styling the kitchen and often it is generational. When it comes to kitchen remodeling everyone pitches their idea, and it often results to disagreement.


Your mom wants a touch of the traditional designs while you love the contemporary style which speaks more of your generation. And your life partner leans toward a rustic look.


These are all very distinct styles why not mix all ideas altogether to come up with a unique design? A win-win situation for all of you without hearing “I told you so” whenever you meet.


Mixing Modern and Traditional Styles


The personality of a traditionally styled kitchen makes the most relaxing and welcoming rooms to be in and it integrates some countryside features in between. It projects a timeless and natural look. The normal features are wide-planked woods, antique metal fittings, knotty-pine furniture, and vintage decorations. Adding a brick fireplace and wooden beams will provide the twist that will convert the traditional environment into a cutting-edge kitchen.


Updating your kitchen doesn’t mean that you have to discard all wood and stone. Don’t touch the coated cupboards, farmhouse sinks, and open racking if they are in good condition. Some traditional elements can be brought to the future by utilizing modern-day lighting system. If your kitchen fixtures are current such as cabinetry, you can blend it with a tiled backsplash up to the ceiling.


Out-dated items mix with contemporary stuff does not always blend well. To avoid that problem, leave the items that tick and replace one or two elements to achieve the beautiful and comfortable kitchen that you aspire. For instance:


  • Install a chimney made of bricks as a place for your stove.
  • Use a wooden cupboard to break the monotony between modern-day kitchen pieces.
  • Vintage coke bottles near an American flag.
  • Wood shelves adorned with a lantern, roosters glazed on platters, an antique grinder, or a mug.
  • Touch base with nature and bring earth tone colors to your kitchen such as tans, warm grays, greens, and browns.

backsplash modern traditional

Before knocking down your walls plan ahead, there are lots of design materials that can give you inspiration. You don’t have to break your bank a simple switch of new seats, a cabinet repair or change of fittings, install lighting might do the trick, and don’t miss your favorite paint ideas.


Benefits of Kitchen Remodeling


Different strokes for different folks who remodel their kitchen. It could be replacing an eyesore because the kitchen got old. Some would like an easier time when preparing food. And others want to follow modern trends.


Remodeling the kitchen is a constructive approach to change the vibe of your home without starting from scratch. Whether the transformation is traditional, modern, rustic or a combination of all of these, remodeling saves time and costs less. Getting a brand new appearance will make your home beautiful, all the trouble that you’ve gone through was worth it. You can work on a low budget when transforming your kitchen. Here are six benefits of a kitchen makeover:


Clean and safe


The kitchen is an area in your house where you witness your kids grow into adults, sit with your families and friends and eat, and spending time preparing delectable food. A kitchen needs to be safe and clean so you can store food properly without contamination. Replace damaged tiles to avoid tripping and repair worn-out cabinetry to avoid accidents.


With remodeling, microbes are eliminated and broken things are fixed.


Extra storage


Take care of the clutter by creating extra storage for your cutlery, cooking implements, and food items. Create extra space for comfort in preparing dishes.


Modern look


An outdated kitchen will benefit from a transformation to a modern look. Benefit from the amenities provided by the contemporary styles and impress your visitors too.

husband wife new stove traditional kitchen

Energy efficient


Remodeling is an opportunity to change your appliances. Old kitchen equipment consumes more energy and is environment-friendly. costs less and energy-efficient, you can also choose recyclable materials when changing your cabinets, flooring, and countertops.


Increased value


An old and dilapidated kitchen is an eyesore to an otherwise beautiful house. If you are planning to sell your house this will increase the value. Buyers go for a modern and a fine-looking kitchen.


Enhances functionality


Remodeling aims at improving the functionality of a kitchen unnecessary conditions are dropped making cooking easy, fun, and efficient.


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