Can You Install Air Filters by Yourself?

Your filter works hard to remove the dust, debris, and pet dander out of your HVAC system. You’ll be surprised by how much builds up when you replace it. Most of us are replacing our air filters more frequently due to airborne viruses. We are all trying to do our best to protect our families from the pandemic. Changing your filter is one of the best ways is to remove all the pollutants from our air. If you’re considering installing your air filter, read how to change it safely.


Once the HVAC gets clogged from all the dust and debris, it can cause the essential parts that make your air conditioner work to wear out. If the filters aren’t changed often enough, you’ll eventually find yourself with your air conditioner breaking down. The air can’t flow freely to keep your system working as it should.  

How to Begin

Believe it or not, it’s a job that’s easy to do yourself. Once you have found where the air filter is, you can then begin. For some HVAC’s, the filter could be in the return air duct. The return duct takes all the cooled and warm air back to the air conditioner. The difficulty arises when you have multiple return ducts, and then you need to find out exactly where the filter is.


Your system may be used for both heating and cooling, meaning that they share the same return ducts. It is worth looking near the blower system as the air filter may be there. If you look inside, it should be near the bottom. Sometimes the filter is reachable and you won’t need to open it. In other units, look for the panel, which has the word filter written on it, usually on the blower on directly in front of it. You may need a screwdriver to open it.


Before attempting to change an air filter yourself, it is worth asking an HVAC specialist. Once you know where the air filter is fitted, you won’t have any fears when replacing it. When you feel you are ready to change the filters yourself, don’t forget to set a monthly reminder in your calendar.

How to Make Sure You Have the Right Filter

Once you have located the filter inside your HVAC, you will be able to see the size of the old filter that is currently inside. To find the size of the filter, look on the outside. If you pull out the filter and you’ve looked at all the sides, and you still can’t find the size, do not fear. Another way is to measure the filter using a tape measure. Start with the length, then the width, and then the thickness. Write the figures that you have down and start shopping.


To ensure your family has the cleanest air, set a reminder in your calendar monthly to make certain that you never forget changing it out.

Changing the Filter

If you really find the process too intimidating, ask your HVAC service technician to point out tips for changing it. Your technician will know where the filter is in your HVAC. You will also get directions on how to remove it and put the new one in properly. But you should have no problem unless you have a particularly unusual HVAC unit. Always start with a new quality air filter and have cleaner air today.

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