Innovative Building Products of Durable House Siding

As with any exterior house feature, such as roofing, windows, doors, trim, and gutter systems, siding eventually wears out and needs to be replaced. Removing old siding and replacing it with a new product includes expenses for the product and the labor to install it. It makes sense to purchase a product that will last for decades and look good the whole time. No homeowner wants to pay for house siding more than once.

Choosing the Right Siding Replacement Company

Before a homeowner decides on the type of siding they will purchase, they should find an exterior renovation company they can trust to furnish siding and install it with a well-trained crew. Price is not the only factor to consider. It is always a wise move to get two or three exterior contractors to look at the house and give advice and a price quote for the job.

In northern Indiana, that contractor is Armour Construction with over 20 years of experience and countless satisfied customers. They offer quality roofing and siding as well as proper installations. They also offer free estimates for siding and roof storm damage repair and renovation projects. So, if the homeowner needs more than just siding replacement, the same contractor can help them.

The right exterior renovation contractor will have experience and good reviews from local customers. Happy customers mean they have been doing good work and providing quality customer service practices. Ask what brands of siding they carry and why. Do they offer the type of siding the house needs? Some houses have lap siding and others have panel siding. In addition, do they carry all the trim, fascia, and soffit products needed to complete the job? Armour Construction is working with LP Smart Siding.

This is an innovative, engineered wood product that offers strength, durability, and technology. This engineered wood product uses engineered wood strand science known for its protection from wind, hail, and other severe weather conditions. This product offers better pricing than wood and has a 50-year warranty with the normal limitations. The construction company's installers are trained and certified by the manufacturer to install this brand of siding.

What Innovative House siding Products Are Available?

Home siding has been around as long as there have been homes being built. But, some siding products have proven to work better and last longer than others. Some products are maintenance-free while others require a good bit of maintenance over their lifetime. Here are a few additional siding types to consider.

  • One long-lasting siding type is fiber cement siding. This siding comes in a variety of textures and shapes. This siding is durable, fire-proof, termite resistant, earth-friendly, and low-maintenance.
  • Vinyl siding comes at different price points to meet every budget. It is versatile, low-maintenance, and low-cost. This is one siding that can go on vertically as well as horizontally. In the last five years, vinyl siding manufacturers have used new technology to improve their products.
  • Wood siding is durable and rich looking if properly maintained. Wood siding comes in several formats, including lap siding, shakes, and shingles. Woods like western cedar and redwood are good material choices for wood siding.
  • Brick siding is made from fired clay and can be in the form of real bricks or brick veneers. A membrane is installed between the house and the brick veneer to protect the structural parts from water. The bricks have mortar applied between them. Properly installed brick siding can last as long as the house.
  • Stucco siding in its traditional form is made of building sand, lime, Portland cement, and water. It is installed over a waterproof barrier and a galvanized metal screening. This is a siding that takes very skilled labor and time to apply the layers correctly and let them dry between coats. This is a rigid siding that may crack. It can last the lifetime of a home.
  • Stone and stone veneer siding provide natural beauty and a rich look. Stones such as granite and limestone are commonly used. This is an expensive choice that is better applied during home construction. Adding a stone or stone veneer siding to an existing home can be costly and difficult. It is a long-lasting option.
  • Metal siding is an affordable yet durable siding choice. This siding can come as lap siding, shingles, or shakes. Aluminum and steel are the best metals used in this type of siding. Metal siding is a good choice for homes being renovated or in need of siding replacement.
  • Some homeowners choose to use a combination of siding options for a more interesting look. Or, they may use a combination of vertical and horizontal siding slabs.

There are additional siding types on the market, but the above ones are the most commonly used. It is important to match the siding to the age and style of a home. The family budget also plays a part in the siding chosen for a home. It is important to ask the exterior contractor for advice on which sidings will work best in the climate and area the home is located in and for the style of the home.

Siding Installation Matters

Every type of home siding relies on the skill of the installers for its final quality and longevity. A good siding can fail quickly if it is improperly installed. This is especially true of stucco, brick, and stone sidings that have mortar between each individual piece or troweled over a screen. Make sure the contractor chosen has qualified installers doing the work and warranties the job. 

Choosing an exterior contractor who is local means that if there is a problem, it is easier to get them out to fix it. Also, if storms or other disasters cause siding damage, it is convenient to have the siding installers close by to repair the siding. The contractor who offers multiple exterior products can handle roofing issues if they happen and can replace old windows when they are damaged.

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