How To Prepare Your Home for a Power Outage |

When an extensive storm system approaches your home, there is usually a chance that you could experience a power outage. In other cases, your city or town could lose electricity due to accidents with the lines, an overload in power, or for a variety of other reasons. In these instances, you must prepare your home and yourself for when you must go without electricity.

Stockpile Flashlights and Batteries

If you have no power, you have no light—unless that light source comes from a battery. Keep a cabinet or drawer of flashlights in an easy-to-remember location so you aren’t fumbling around in the dark when the lights go out. Have spare batteries in the same place if any devices no longer work.

Have Backup Power on Standby

You never truly know how long the power will be out unless your electric service provider states otherwise. In this scenario, you can assume it will be a short period, but having a backup generator available will be incredibly beneficial if your power is out for longer than a day. There are many generator options on the market; you could choose between a typical generator and a solar generator—either would work great for providing energy to your home.

Keep Fridge and Freezer Doors Closed

If you want to prevent the items in your fridge or freezer from going bad, avoid opening the doors when they are no longer running. Frequently opening the fridge will allow the cool air to escape, warming the food inside much quicker.

Have a Backup Plan for Necessities

Some medications and medical devices need electricity to keep cool or power the appliance. Have a plan in place for these items during a power outage; this is when the generator is handy, as it will help better prepare your home for when you absolutely need electricity.

If you rely on electricity in your day-to-day life and live in an area that experiences many power outages, it’s vital to be ready. There could be a time when you are without power for longer than a day, but if you prepare beforehand, it won’t be as bad. Once you have everything you need, you should only have to worry about how you’ll keep your family entertained.

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