How To Design A Functional Home Office

As the number of remote workers increases every day, so does the need for well-designed home offices. Working in such an office improves your job satisfaction, productivity, and motivation. That's why it's imperative to furnish the office the way you like with functionality and comfort in mind. You can decorate your space in many ways but you have to keep it purposeful. That's why we have gathered some ideas for you to create your own home office.

Find a Desk

Whether you set up your home office in the kitchen or a separate room, you need a practical desk. Sitting behind a desk as opposed to using a kitchen counter or a coffee table maintains your posture. If you have an old desk lying around, there's your next DIY project. Add a splash of paint on it and use it in the home office. In case you don't, think outside the box. Yard sales are great places where you can find unique furniture in great shape for affordable prices. Make sure the desk is the right size. Not too big nor too small because you may not have plenty of room at your disposal.

Invest in a Chair

You may not realize it but a comfortable office chair makes a difference when it comes to your work performance. Before investing, think about what you're looking for in a chair. Do you expect it to help you with stiffness or posture? But, one thing is crucial — it must be comfortable. Apart from this quality, make sure the chair offers ergonomic support for your neck and back. As for its design, the options are many. If you're setting up a modern office in your home, then an upholstered chair in a fashionable color is a good choice.

Keep Additional Cords in the Office

You may be using your personal laptop for work too. In this case, you'll need additional cords in the home office. Why? When you finish watching Netflix in the living room and go back to work, you can quickly set up everything you need. The key is to keep all your cords in one place neatly organized. Use a wooden or any other box on your desk for this purpose only. This way you'll keep all the cables neat while the box looks decorative. If you don't have an unused box, you can always stop by a store or order it through the website.

Put up Shelves

When designing a home office, most people focus only on available horizontal space. What about all the vertical space available? You can use it to put up some shelves and make room for storage. If your desk is facing a wall, use a cabinet or floating shelves above it for a minimalistic design. Then add a few shelves within your reach too. So, you can get up from your desk and take what you need in a matter of seconds. Once you put the shelves and cabinets up, make sure to keep them organized. Otherwise, the whole room will look messy and cluttered.

Fix the Lightning

One of the best mood enhancers is natural light. The office should have plenty of natural bright light. It makes the room spacious and lighter inspiring you to do your best work. However, not all offices have access to natural light. If that's your case, you can use ambient lights instead. On the plus side, they come in various designs and colors for you to choose from. When selecting the lights, make sure they light up the room the way you want them to. Not too bright nor too dim. Also, try to combine the lights and wall colors for the best effect.

Grow Plants

The plants don't have to be outside to thrive. You can bring them into your office and freshen up the place. Plants are beneficial too. Aloe, Oxalis, Baboo, and Cacti cleanse the air, give your office renovation a homely feel, and improve its decor. You can keep them on the shelves or on the desk if you have some free space. Also, you can choose decorative pots to match the furniture and overall feel of the room. Make sure to follow the instructions and provide the conditions they need to flourish.

Office Supplies Organizers

Only an organized office is a functional office. To keep office supplies in their place you don't need any particular investments. If you have old coffee mugs, glasses, or jars, you can repurpose them. They can serve as authentic handmade pen holders. Grab a piece of yarn or rope and wrap them up for the ultimate look. This way all your office supplies will have their place within your workstation.


Functional home offices have become one of the main requirements of every remote worker. However, setting up an office sometimes isn’t easy, especially if you don’t know where to start. Our ideas are here to help you bring your dream home office to life.

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