How to Create the Best Home Workplace

Home used to be a place where the heart was. However, in recent times, home has also become where the office is. Thanks to the pandemic, more and more teams have shifted to a remote work environment. Today, everyone wants a piece of the “work from home” pie, from essay writers to digital marketers. 


But what could be the reason for this fuss? A recent study has revealed that people who work from home tend to get more work done by the end of the day than people who commute to a physical office.

We can admit that working from home certainly has its perks. Apart from boosting productivity, it also gives you the freedom to design your workspace according to your preferences.


If you’re trying to set up a workplace at home, we have a few tips that will help you create an inspiring and highly functional space. Let’s take a look at them, shall we?

Opt for a quiet space

When choosing a spot for your home office, you may run into a bit of a dilemma. What part of your home would be suitable for a workspace? The guest room? The dining room? Certainly not the bathroom.

Although you can easily set up a workspace in any part of the house, you’ll want to think of the quietest spot. This is because noises such as dog barking or children screaming can be incredibly distracting for any worker. 

It’s advisable to use a spare room where you’ll have minimal distractions. However, if you don’t have a guest room to spare, you can partition a section of the house using a privacy divider.  In the same vein, ensure that your chosen spot is well-ventilated. 

Set the right lighting

The second rule of having a comfortable office is to ensure that there is sufficient natural lighting in your place. Why is this rule so important? Well, several studies have shown that natural light can increase productivity by up to 40%. As such, you should try to position your work desk towards a window or any other source of natural lighting in the room.

Just in case your home office isn’t well-lit, you can substitute natural lighting by getting ambient lighting. Try getting a few LED lights and place them around the room. Additionally, a high-quality desk lamp would be great for occasions when you have to work late into the night.

Go for ergonomic furniture

While that new steel chair would look great in your new workspace, it’s important to prioritize comfort when setting up a home office. You’ll be spending a lot of hours hunched over a desk. As such, you need to go for ergonomic furniture that will take the strain off your back and lessen the effects of a sedentary lifestyle. 

You can start by getting a comfortable high seat with sufficient back support. This way, you won’t have to put undue pressure on your spine. However, even though we encourage getting comfortable furniture, you don’t want to get too “comfortable” and end up sleeping during work hours. 

Hide the wires like you’d hide a body 

Cords and wires have their uses, but they can make any office look cluttered and outrightly ugly. Picture this scenario: you step into an office, and you’re immediately greeted with the unsightly image of wires sprawling across the desk and even on the floor. Now imagine if you trip over one of them.

To avoid dealing with this every day, you can go for wireless printers, mouses, and scanners. However, if your equipment isn’t wireless, you can hide the wires using PVC piping, velcro, and zip ties to keep the cords out of sight.

Avoid clutter

Having to swim through papers and pens just to find one document can be a terrible way to start your morning. As such, if you’re trying to have a functional workspace, you’ll want to avoid clutter at all costs. Maximize your storage options and keep any items you don’t need too often in a cabinet or cupboard. 

A few folders, sticky notes, and a pencil case should suffice on your desk. Remember: you still need some extra space for your personal computer and mouse.

Go green

If you aren’t a plant lover, decorating your home workplace with plants can seem a little pretentious. However, a desk or floor plant can certainly help add a breath of fresh air to your workspace and make it come alive. 

If you love colors, some flowers can also add some form of vivid beauty to your workspace and serve as a source of inspiration on days when you feel unproductive. If you feel like you might keep fiddling with your office plant, you should get something sturdy like a cactus so you won’t have to keep bringing in fresh plants every week.

Try a new scent

While adding a fresh scent to your home workplace isn’t compulsory, it can certainly make a difference. Using essential oils or scented candles can add a pleasant smell to your space and help you get more work done each day.

If you aren’t sure where to start, you can get a lavender-scented candle or peppermint to give your workspace a good scent. However, try as much as possible to avoid leaving leftovers in your office. You don’t want the acrid smell of food to compete with the fresh scent.

Final Thoughts

Working from home is fast becoming a trend in the corporate world. If you’re trying to ensure productivity when working remotely, it’s essential to set up a highly functional and inspiring workspace. Fortunately, the tips we’ve outlined above will set you on the right path to success.



Pro Tip: If you need help renovating any space in your home to a suitable workspace, you can always check out our list of restoration contractors here. Good luck!

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Amanda Dudley is a seasoned lecturer and essay writer at HandMadeWriting. She has a Ph.D in History from Stanford University and has spent over ten years teaching students and helping them provide educational support for students who may be struggling with learning.

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