How to Control Indoor Allergies in Your Home

Fall is on the way, and lower temperatures mean that you will probably be spending more time inside your home, especially with the reality of COVID-19. Instead of suffering from indoor allergies this fall, there’s something you can do about it. Continue reading to find out how to control indoor allergies in your home.

Replace Your Air Filter

The easiest way you can control indoor allergies in your home is to keep up with HVAC maintenance by replacing the air filter. An air filter’s purpose is to keep harmful particles, such as allergens, from circulating in your home’s air. However, the air filter must be replaced when light no longer passes through it for it to be effective, which could be every 30 to 90 days.

Groom Your Pets

If you have pets in your home, it’s also important that you groom them regularly. This is because your pet can be leaving their dander all around your home, which can trigger indoor allergies. When you groom your pet, there’s less hair that can get around your home, especially if they shed frequently.

Vacuum At Least Once A Week

Another way you can pick up your dog’s hair and other allergens in your home is by vacuuming at least once a week. You would be surprised at how dirty your home can get when you neglect the floors. When you vacuum, make sure you get underneath the furniture as well.

Prevent Mold

Mold can also threaten your home and grow rather quickly if you don’t take preventative steps. What kind of steps? The easiest thing you can do to prevent mold is t reduce any moisture in areas of your home—fix leaks, monitor humidity levels, and let in some light in places like a bathroom.

Eliminate Dust Mites and Cockroaches

The final tip on how to control indoor allergies in your home is to eliminate dust mites and cockroaches. For dust mites, regularly clean your bedding. To eliminate cockroaches, keep your garbage and food covered and take extra steps if necessary, such as using bait to control the problem.

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