How Panelized Construction Saves Time and Money |

Panelized construction is a relatively new building method. The key to panelized construction is that the majority of the work is done offsite. In other words, the builders (or suppliers) assemble the walls, roof trusses, and floorboards offsite and then put the pieces together once they’re at the jobsite. You can imagine how efficient panelization is. If you’re concerned about the cost of panelization, don’t worry. We’re going to break down how panelized construction saves time and money below. Read on to learn more.

Higher-Quality Materials Save You Future Repair Costs

Most panelized construction companies use top-quality building materials; they’re able to use better materials because they reduce waste with state-of-the-art construction software. In addition to better materials, you can count on an overall better structure with panelization. Manufacturers build the panels in a climate-controlled facility that eliminates the possibility of warped boards and splits or cracks. Having quality materials built before they even reach the jobsite provides a stronger structure and reduces premature repair costs.

Offsite Assembly Leads To Onsite Success

Whether you’re a builder or a homeowner, you know that the more time workers spend on the jobsite, the more labor costs you’ll incur. That said, it’s not uncommon for everyone to want the job completed faster and on time. When considering the most efficient way to build a home, most people compare wall panelization and stick building. Having the majority of the work completed before stepping foot on the jobsite skyrockets productivity and efficiency. Builders merely need to put up the prefabricated walls and other components once they arrive. On the other hand, stick building requires building the structure onsite one stud at a time. Not only is stick building wildly inefficient, but also the materials are often warped, bowed, or cracked because they’ve been exposed to the environment for an extended period of time. Often workers will find damaged materials that require them to leave the jobsite to get more materials, or they must wait for an additional delivery, pushing back the timeline even further.

All things considered, convenience and quality point to the primary ways panelized construction saves time and money. With panelized construction, workers merely need to show up and assemble—which is much faster than stick building.

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