Tennessee Home Insurance


This southern state might be best known for country music, Elvis, and the largest number of caves in the U.S., but Tennessee also has excellent real estate. A relatively low cost of living contributes to the land's affordability, but there's also an abundance of bargains that are actually short sales of foreclosed properties. Regardless of how you went about getting a good deal on your dwelling's price or rent, it makes sense to protect your investment with home insurance.

Suburban and Rural Properties

While there are several big cities like Nashville and Memphis that have significant suburban surroundings, beyond them a great deal of the real estate is rural. Often homes lie within farming properties, but there are also plenty outside of farms that house people who work in the fields, nurseries and ranches. According to the Tennessee Department of Agriculture:

  • About 41 percent of the state is farmland
  • Farm acreage in the state is approaching 11 million
  • This acreage is divided into 79,000 different farms
  • The average farm size is around 138 acres
  • Individual families own and operate almost 92 percent of the farms


Climate Considerations

Tennessee's farmlands certainly benefit from the local climate, which weather experts describe as humid and tropical. The temperatures are significantly warmer than the national average, and so is the precipitation, which runs about 53 inches a year and may rise due to global warming. Add to that over 665 miles of rivers traversing the state, and it's hard not to envision flood risks. The state's vulnerability to flooding makes flood insurance an essential addition to any homeowner's, landlord or renter's policy. Tennessee insurers offer this type of coverage with help from subsidies by the federal government.

State Resources

Tennessee's got some of the most accessible data about insurance than anywhere in the country. The Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance makes public all of its records about different companies and agents in the state. This includes annual examination reports. You can also obtain copies of the insurers' license renewals, any disciplinary actions, and other legal documents. A careful search through these records is well worth the added effort, because it could save you from bigger hassles later on. The department will also assist you in the event that you're unable to resolve a disagreement with an insurer about a disputed claim or other conflict. Tennessee residents are encouraged to first try to sort out disputes with the company before bringing the matter to the attention of state authorities.

Peace of Mind

Most of the time, working with a home insurer is a positive experience. The insurance company comes to your aid when you need it most, and frees you from having to worry about potential calamities. Insurance protects your investment in your home, which may be the most valuable thing you own. Tennessee also has policies that safeguard the personal belongings of renters and help landlords continue to earn money on their investments.



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