Profiles of Some Home Insurance Companies

homeowners insurance companies

Choosing the best homeowners insurance is not only about choosing a name-brand company – it's about choosing a homeowners insurance policy that is best suited to your needs. Identifying the best homeowners insurance is a multi-step process.

Step 1: Determine your coverage needs (do you have expensive jewelry or a piano that may require additional coverage? Is your home located in an area where it's vulnerable to damage or crime?).

Step 2: Establish which home insurance companies have a policy that will meet your specific needs.

Step 3: Get quotes from these homeowners insurance companies either online or via phone and fax. Make sure to have all quotes in writing so that there will be no surprises.

Step 4: Read reviews about your top contenders and, when possible, speak to people you know who have used that company to hear their firsthand experiences.

While it sounds rather straightforward, many homeowners (and renters) find that with hundreds of home insurance companies to choose from, they're not even sure where to start. To help you ease into the process I've done some research about the best homeowners insurance companies nationwide. I'll give you a brief overview of some of my top picks below, so that you'll know whether you want to research these options in greater depth.

Amica Insurance – Rated as the best homeowners insurance company by J.D Powers in 2009, Amica offers a rather comprehensive standard policy, which they call the "Platinum Plan." Amica Insurance was rated as the top home insurance companies because the company offers competitive pricing, the widest range of policy options and add-ons and easy accessibility in the event of an emergency.

Chubb – If you own a high-value property or are looking to insure both your primary residence and your weekend home, Chubb may be a good choice for you. A reputable insurance company for over 125 years, Chubb has a reputation for providing top quality service to those who need it most. Chubb's pricing is not ranked among the cheapest, but with a Chubb policy you'll be able to insure even your most expensive assets.

State Farm – State Farm has been providing homeowners insurance to Americans for 60 years, and currently insures about 13.5 million homes. Although State Farm's website is rather vague about its offerings, their well-trained agents are both friendly and readily available to answer questions.

Liberty Mutual – Liberty Mutual has one of the easiest-to-use websites as compared with other homeowners insurance providers, which makes it entirely painless to file a claim online or to check the status of your claim at your convenience. The company offers comprehensive policies that will give you peace of mind and reasonable pricing for both basic services and extras. If you're interested in Liberty Mutual as your homeowners insurance company, make sure that the benefits you need are available in your state, as the company's policies vary slightly by region (which is not entirely uncommon).

Met Life – As one of the most well-known insurance agencies nationwide, Met Life has a strong reputation to maintain. Waiting on hold for service at Met Life may be slightly longer than waiting for service with other companies, but in the end, you'll receive helpful answers and quality service. Additionally, Met Life's prices are generally a bit higher than those for comparable plans with other companies, but you may be able to negotiate a better deal once you've received the original price quote.



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