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It’s a chore that must be done, but house cleaning isn’t at the top of anyone’s favorite chore lists. Try some of these home décor hacks that make house cleaning easier.


The more you own, the more you must clean. Decluttering by getting rid of items you never use with little sentimental value will free you from constant dusting. You’ll feel a sense of lightness and relief when you have more space in your home.

Minimizing the amount of stuff you have on surfaces throughout your home is catching on as a décor aesthetic. People who adopt a “less is more” lifestyle find that they have more time to invest in activities they find more meaningful than house cleaning.

If you’ve got too much furniture and knick-knacks inside, why not take some outside? Decorating your outdoor space is a growing trend. While you’ll have to keep your outdoor items clean, spreading your possessions out will make your home feel less cramped. Openness just feels cleaner! Be sure to keep items not made for outdoor use under the cover of a porch or patio roof. yea

Protect Surfaces

We’re not talking about encasing all your furnishings in plastic covers, but protecting your home’s floors will extend the time between big sanding and refinishing jobs. Experiment with vinyl rugs, which offer an array of colorful patterns and easy, wipe-off cleaning. These can sit directly on wood floors, over tile, or even atop low-pile carpet, adding interest while also protecting the surface beneath from spills and stains.

Professional home cleaners use a clever hack to make dusting less accessible areas a breeze: Put a paper towel atop highboys or cabinets. Areas you can’t see still collect dust, but this way, the dust falls on the paper towel instead of the surface of the furniture or cabinet. Every few weeks, carefully fold up, remove, and replace the paper towels. Be careful on that stepladder, though! If you fall and hurt yourself, your house will get dirtier during your recovery!

Rotate Display Items

As seasons change, so should your interior décor. Dust or wash items you’ll put away until next year, and make sure they’re completely dry when you store them in protective boxes or zippered plastic storage bags. That way, they’ll be clean and ready to go when their time of year comes back around.

Clean Window Treatments in Place

You don’t necessarily have to remove and launder or dry clean your draperies. As you clean a room, work from top to bottom, so dust and debris ends upon the floor. Then, you’ll vacuum as the final step. One of the things that should end up on the floor is the dust buildup from your draperies. Pop on a handy mask (now you have them in the house somewhere!) and shake your drapes vigorously to dislodge dust. Then, use your vacuum’s upholstery attachment to remove any remaining dust. Your window treatments should look refreshed. If they’re wrinkled, use a hand-held steamer to ease the kinks out of the fabric.

If you do a little bit of decluttering and cleaning every day, you’ll be able to get your chores done on an ongoing basis in small chunks that make them less tiresome. Using décor that protects your floors and pieces that are easy and quick to dust is a clever hack that makes house cleaning easier, and go faster.

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