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11 Things to Do Before Hiring a Contractor

Need home renovations? Painting? Plumbing? Here are some things to think about and do when hiring a contractor for your home projects:

  1. Get Multiple Quotes
  2. Ask for Materials/Labor Detailed Breakdown
  3. Use a Reputable Online Pro Service
  4. Ask for Samples of All Materials
  5. Ask for Insurance and Licensing Before Hiring (copies)
  6. Check Online Reviews (knowing these can be faked)
  7. Ask for Addresses of Previous Customer Work (and testimonials)
  8. Ask for Warranty
  9. Know Timeline for Completion of Work
  10. Only Pay a Fair and Reasonable Deposit
  11. Pay Total Only After Work is Completed


For fast and easy quotes, check out our service pageAlso check out our article on women hiring pros for tons more hiring tips.

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