All About Fashionable Shades 2021

When planning to spruce up your home interior, you should not just consider beautifying your house floor, walls, or ceiling. The windows are an important part of the house and the market provides a wide choice of window shades. 

Instead of going for the traditional fabric curtains, you can be more innovative and go for modern window design trends. They give a combination of harmony, style, and beauty that reflect the beauty of the rest of the house. The year 2021 opened with a variety of trending and fashionable shades to choose from. 

Full-length curtains

You want your windows to allow maximum light in your living room, bedroom, study room, and so on. At the same time, you also want to have complete privacy when you no longer need the natural light and breeze in the evening or even during the day. It’s not enough to rush into the retailer and order curtains, but you should go for the hottest design trends in 2021

Consider full-length curtains that flow from the ceiling edge to the floor with a color that matches the wall or blends with the floor. The curtains don’t need to be thick like the traditional heavy fabric. A light material will be better and it will look classic on your window. 

Electric/motorized window blinds for fashionable shades

According to an architecture and design writer for essay writers for hire site, it’s good to go with technology, especially if your windows are high enough and require a ladder when you want to open or close the curtains. Even when the window is low and easily accessible, it will be cool to have motorized blinds in your house. 

They work very well with the smart assistant system in your home and you can program specific times for the windows to open or close depending on the season, weather, or day of the week. Choices that can be motorized include drapes, roller shades, and honeycomb shades. 

As one Essayontime writer and lifestyle blogger puts it, the shades are readily available from your local suppliers and are easy to install and maintain. If you have converted or are planning to convert your house into a smart home, it will be a cool idea to include the window shades too. 

Try fashionable shades made from natural materials

You might feel the blinds and fabric are too common and you want something different. You may want to try out something natural, unique, and rare. There are elegantly crafted fashionable shades either made from reeds, wood, grass, or bamboo. 

They display creativity and uniqueness because they are weaved using natural fiber to help reduce bending, breaking easily, or bowing, adding to the durability. They easily allow natural light to penetrate through while taking care of your privacy. 

The shades are beautiful and natural and the vanes are joined using quality fabric to make them adjustable. You can go for the vertical or horizontal option.  

Roller and Roman blinds

Minimalism and versatility have made their way into the world of window treatments. The blind's simple and clean lines pledge true harmony and remarkably relaxed natural light control. It's no surprise that designers chose roller and roman blinds because they fit in so well with the new interior design philosophy.

Roller blinds have also remained popular amongst anyone who favors natural-looking colors and textures. Canvases that slide quietly offer the requisite security from exterior light and the designers' range of styles transform them into a perfect indoor touch. 

Roman blinds are a good option for those who don't mind incorporating a few more architectural elements into their home's interior. Options in the market include blinds with blue or white patters, canvas, geometric patterns, and natural flax textures. 

Make a statement with your window curtain hardware

Your classic, luxurious and trending shade can become devalued because of poor hardware choice. The correct choice of hardware can transform your window shade into a classic and cool-looking fashionable shades. You have several hardware choices that will match your shade. 

A black choice will give your home a look of elegance and classic. You can shop for black hardware from your local supplier or opt to spray the one you have with black paint. Another choice will be to go for those sleek and shiny brushed metal hardware that come with rings or clips. They offer modernity and keep your curtains well streamlined. 

If you want something more vintage, get some doorknobs and drawer pulls and mount them above the window, then add to them some classic fabric with some rings and fancy ribbons that you can use to hold back the curtain during the day. If it’s well done, the look will be unforgettable. Whatever your choice of hardware is, you should look for light, rust-free and durable material.  

Mix the colors

If you are a lover of colors, mono-color curtains and blinds can become boring. Bring life to your windows by sparingly mixing the colors. A mix of colors can work better if you go for shouting/bright colors that blend with another darker color along the edges. The main curtain color should be bright, while the blending color should be darker but not completely dark.

It doesn’t have to blend with another fabric, but bids along the edges might be a perfect choice. How far the curtains flow might not be an issue to worry about. They can flow to the floor or just a foot or two below the bottom part of the window. 

If you are not sure about the best color mixes, your local designer might help with options or have some ready samples to give you an idea. Despite the choices, do not forget the color on your walls and floor lest the colors fail to match. 

Make it light and flowery

If you are in generation Z or slightly older, this might make a good choice. You might be the person who loves making the bedroom flowery with bright wallpapers or paint it in multiple colors. You can let the beautiful ambiance flow seamlessly by hanging a flowery curtain on the window. 

It might not be a good choice for the living room but if you really want it, make it a little dull. To look more modern and fashionable, go for lighter materials instead of the heavy old-fashioned ones. Your home will look expensive, welcoming, and warm. 

Final thoughts

Fashionable shades trends keep changing as other interior décor trends change. Mostly, your choice of window shade color must wait until the rest of the house décor is complete. There are many experts in the market with years of experience and they can help you make a better decision of the best fashionable window shades. At Billy pro-services, we are experienced in home security, remodeling, roofing, moving, cleaning, plumbing, and many more. Contact us for more information on any of the contractor services you need – electrical, mechanical or civil. 


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