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Furniture maintenance is something that everyone will have to face one day. Simply put, furniture that gets used gets abused. Unfortunately, furniture repair can often be quite expensive, making some pieces not worth the cost of repair. In these situations, you may be able to repair this furniture if you have the proper tools. To help you get started on your next maintenance project, here are the essential tools needed for furniture maintenance.

Power Drill

Power drills are some of the most essential tools for woodworking and furniture maintenance. Contrary to what many believe, power drills do more than drill holes. Power drills are useful for securing screws, smaller polishing jobs, and even grinding metal and removing rust. No matter the job on hand, if you need some steady action in a tight spot, the end of a power drill is probably the solution to your problems.

Electric Sander

If you have any project concerning wood, sanding is one of the finishing steps of your refurbishment process. Unfortunately, the final sanding process can often end in disaster if you don’t employ the proper techniques. Sanding by hand often results in uneven or wavy areas in the wood, an uneven finish, or minor scratch damage to the surface of the wood. Having an electric sander takes these risks out of the equation. These tools have variable settings to control the rate of abrasion and a rotary action to ensure that all sanding is done evenly.

Circular Saw

If you need more cutting power for larger refurbishment projects, you most likely could benefit from a circular saw. Circular saws are handheld saws powerful enough to cut through most types of boards, all while being light enough to take onto any job site or anywhere around the house. The best part is that these saws are a lot safer than alternative sawing tools.

If you have been wondering what the essential tools needed for furniture maintenance are, we hope that this article has helped you learn about the subject. Always remember that while using power tools, you should give the utmost amount of caution to your project. Power tools can quickly and easily get out of hand and cause injury. As such, be sure that you are fully versed in the safety procedures required to handle such power tools!

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