Create Your Very Own Cigar Lounge at Home

If you are an avid cigar smoker, you likely have spent a significant amount of time at a cigar lounge. Cigar lounges are popular amongst both genders, however, they are especially popular amongst male friend groups. Male friend groups often attend cigar lounges after work, for bachelor parties, on the weekends, and for celebrations. In fact, cigar lounges are so popular amongst males that many men are starting to create their own cigar lounges in the comfort of their own homes, more specifically, in their man caves.


Cigar lounges at home are a great place for people to relax after a long day at the office, or on a Friday night with friends and family. Cigar lounges are a place where people come together to have a good time, wind down, or simply do something they enjoy. With that being said, cigar lounges at home are an outstanding choice for a room that is being transformed into a man cave. Are you in the process of transforming a room into a man cave? Are you a cigar aficionado? An at-home cigar lounge may be a phenomenal choice for you.

What You Need to Know About Creating a Cigar Lounge in Your Man Cave

If you are considering an at-home cigar lounge in your mancave, there are some things you will need to consider. You will need to appropriately plan your cigar lounge in order to make it a safe, practical, and enjoyable place to be. It’s common for many people to not ever even consider building a cigar lounge at home; most people don’t even know that it's possible. Therefore, once they discover this new trend in interior design, they don't know how to make it a reality. Sound familiar? This post will aim to address some key points that will allow you to build your very own cigar lounge in the comfort of your and the coziness of your own home.

Think About Ventilation

Ventilation is perhaps the most important thing you need to consider when building your own at-home cigar lounge. If you don’t have the proper ventilation in your space, you are at risk of:

  • Making the rest of your home smell like smoke
  • Damaging your walls and furniture with smoke/ allowing the smoke to seep into them which will cause them to smell like an ashtray over time
  • Making the room permanently smokey and foggy

When building a cigar lounge in your man cave, you need to spend the time looking into different ventilation systems. The best kind of ventilation system for an at-home cigar lounge is a ventilation system that is separate from your home’s main ducts; however, this option is the most expensive. If you don’t have the money to invest in an entirely new ventilation system, some other ventilation options include:

  • An ancillary air purification system
  • An exhaust fan
  • Building your man cave in a room that has an ample amount of window

The purpose of ventilation systems is to trap smoke via a carbon filter and to generate and release negative ions that will freshen the air in your man cave.

Consider Decor

Decor is one of the most fun parts of designing your cigar lounge/ mancave. Decor is what will make your space uniquely yours and is part of what will make you want to spend your downtime here. The decor in a cigar lounge typically focuses on color, comfort, and texture; an example of this can be seen in a cigar lounge in Haddonfield. Below are some decor design tips to consider as you plan your cigar lounge design.


Many people choose rich, warm colors for their cigar lounge. Some things to consider for your walls include:

  • Choose a paint color that will compliment dark woodwork; perhaps a rich crimson
  • Dark woodwork is a popular choice for the trim on the walls; many people choose a dark walnut or red chestnut
  • Consider using wallpaper on one wall to add texture and design


Flooring is crucial when it comes to making a cigar lounge feel warm and inviting. Some flooring tips include:

  • Choose a dark and rustic, wide plank hardwood
  • Marble mosaic is an authentic yet popular choice for cigar lounges
  • Consider a tile or stone floor with a unique area rug


Furniture is another crucial aspect of a cigar lounge. Some furniture ideas to consider are:

  • Leather seating; leather seating will give your at-home cigar lounge a classic and traditional feel
  • A game table
  • A small bar/ bar table with stools
  • Seating and tables with built-in cigar holders or ashtrays


Choosing the accessories of your cigar lounge is one of the most fun aspects of choosing decor. Popular cigar lounge accessories include:

  • Personalized signs or logos
  • Abstract wall art
  • Pillows that feature abstract designs
  • A bookshelf with leather-bound books
  • Wall tapestries
  • Framed posters of some of your favorite things; such as a favorite band, sport, or kind of alcohol

Plan Your Storage

It’s important that you think about cigar storage while planning your at-home cigar lounge. It will be in your best interest to invest in at least one humidor. Cabinet humidors are a popular choice for cigar lounges as they are immobile and ideal for aging cigars tastefully. There are countless designs and styles of humidors to choose from and choosing the one that is right for your space is important in terms of aesthetic purposes and cigar preservation.


It’s also important to point out that you should keep your cigar lounge at about 70 degrees to preserve your cigars in the humidor and to avoid tobacco beetles.

Create the Cigar Lounge of Your Dreams in Your Very Own Home

Keep these tips in mind as you begin to plan and construct your man cave. As you begin to purchase decor and cigars, spend time looking online at other at-home cigar lounges and at real-life beautifully designed cigar lounges; such as a cigar lounge in South Jersey. Looking at existing cigar lounges will provide you with fantastic inspiration and will help you build the cigar lounge of your dreams.





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