Tips for Choosing the Best Home Warranty Companies

Modern homes are full of appliances and complex systems that require maintenance and occasional repair. The costs of such can get very high, so you need to protect yourself as you do by purchasing home insurance that will protect you in case your house is damaged by a fire, natural disasters, or burglars. A home warranty plan can offer this kind of protection. There are over 200 plans like this for Americans to use today. Therefore, you need to be very careful when choosing one, as some providers in this industry are extremely unreliable.

What Is a Home Warranty and Why Do You Need It?

A home warranty is similar to home insurance, but unlike the latter, it protects your home systems and appliances in case they break down due to some internal issue. Insurance usually covers damage from specific external factors and has many limitations. Home warranty plans have limitations as well, that’s why it’s essential to study them carefully before buying.

One of the greatest advantages of having a home warranty plan is that it allows the homeowner to avoid a lot of stress. The provider serves as the single point of contact between yourself and all contractors that will deal with the maintenance and repair of the covered systems and appliances. This means you won’t need to worry about how to find a good plumber or how to fix a washing machine on your own. If anything covered by the plan breaks down, you make a single call to a 24/7 service and the home warranty company will ensure contractors are at your door as fast as possible.

Of course, not all providers are equal. There are many stories of home warranty scams. So being a smart homeowner, you should choose a trustworthy option from the best home warranty companies guide. Always take the time to study various reviews as they will give you a more objective idea of how reliable a provider is.

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Top 10 Home Warranty Providers in America in 2020


  1. Select Home Warranty

Select is one of the biggest home warranty providers in America. This company is commended for quick response times and high contractor professionalism. It also has a wide selection of plans and optional coverage, so it’s easy to find an option that will provide a comprehensive cover for your home.

This company has been in business for over five years and built a good reputation with homeowners during this time. It offers good value for money and operates nearly all over the country, which is a testament to the company’s strength and capabilities.

  1. Choice Home Warranty

Choice is another home warranty provider that covers nearly the whole of America. It has been in business since 2008 and has the Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating of B-, which is rather impressive for this industry.

This company has a limited selection of plans, but they are designed with the average American household in mind, so you should be able to find a good fit. The company offers great promotions as well as a cancellation & refund option during the first 30 days. It offers rather good terms and quick response times. But bear in mind that you’ll need to file a claim very fast. Be sure to study the contract thoroughly so you can understand all the terms.

  1. First American Home Warranty

First American Home Warranty is an industry veteran that has been around since 1984. The reliability of this provider is testified by its B+ rating with the BBB, with which the company is accredited.

Without a doubt, First American is one of the most trusted providers in the industry. But the company only offers two types of plans with a few items that can be added through optional coverage. Therefore, you need to first make sure that the plan fits your home.

  1. Total Home Protection

Total Home Protection is a rising star in the home warranty industry. It offers the quality of service compared to that of the industry’s giants but does so at a reasonable price. Its coverage extends to the majority of states and it has rather positive reviews at BBB and Google Reviews.

Total Home plans are comprehensive and customers praise that the company does its best to help even going beyond what’s outlined in the contract. Any disputes with this company can be taken to the American Arbitration Association and resolved quickly.

  1. Pride Home Warranty

Pride Home Warranty can boast one of the best claim satisfaction rates in the industry. It’s a veteran in the market and has a big and loyal customer base in nearly all the states. This is one of the companies that offer very interesting promotions, so you can get great terms if you watch for them carefully.

What makes Pride truly stand out in this industry is that it has a much lower rate of negative feedback. It also offers a custom plan, which means you can choose your coverage thus minimizing your expenses.

  1. HomeServe USA

HomeServe USA is a rather small company with its coverage available only in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Michigan, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. However, if you live in one of these states, HomeServe is a very good option as it’s not only accredited with the BBB but also has an A+ rating, which is nearly unheard of in this industry.

Bear in mind that HomeServe plans are rather rigid and there is no optional coverage on offer. However, the plans are comprehensive and affordable.

  1. Landmark Home Warranty

Landmark has been on the market for 15 years and despite its small size it’s one of the most trustworthy home warranty providers. It has an A- rating with the BBB and extremely flexible custom plans. You even get a chance to set your own service fee.

Overall, Landmark Home Warranty is all about flexibility and professionalism. Its customer-focused approach makes it one of the best companies in the business.

  1. Advanced Home Warranty

Advanced Home Warranty serves most of America but does so with a limited selection of plans. The company is rather mysterious as little information about it is available online.

This can be a sign of both that it’s good and very private or that it avoids online presence on purpose. The company seems to work rather hard on establishing a good name in the competitive industry.

  1. Hello Super

Hello Super coverage is only available in a few states but the company has a big online presence and you can get a lot of information about it through reviews.

It’s flexible with the plans and makes fast payments. Although, the Terms and Conditions of the company are rather tricky, so study the contract to the letter.

  1. Home Warranty of America

Home Warranty of America covers all of America and it has been in business since 1996. It’s one of the most experienced providers in the industry and offers very wide coverage.

The company’s trustworthiness is proven by its long history and solid reputation. It has a B rating with the BBB.

Final Thoughts: What Makes the Best Home Warranty

Home warranty plans might not be the right choice for everyone. But they can be a good investment for homeowners who plan to sell their property or those who recently invested in renovations or new appliances.

However, it’s imperative to make a wise choice when you are shopping for this plan as some of the companies in this business are outright scammers. In order to avoid wasting your money on a useless plan, you should check the company’s experience in business, BBB rating, contract fine print as well as Terms and Conditions, and a variety of both professional and customer reviews. Research every option available to you and compare them so you can be sure that you are making the right decision with this investment.

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