8 Budget-Friendly Home Improvement Projects to Try In 2024

Are you looking for ways to make good use of your free time by doing DIY home improvements around the house? With the new year here, it's a great time to upgrade your living space. The good news is that several easy and budget-friendly options can help you enhance your property in no time.

We all want to transform our homes' look, but upgrading can be prohibitively expensive. But what if we told you can cost-effectively give your home a fresh look starting this weekend? Our blog will guide you through seven budget-friendly home improvement projects you can try in January 2022.

You can also use our professional tips to revamp the look of your living room. Below are our seven dynamic DIY home projects that you can use to make your casa picture-perfect:

1. Boost Accessible Kitchen Storage:

You can start your home improvement journey by boosting your kitchen storage. There are several ways to improve your kitchen space, and one of the most efficient ways is to increase the storage space, which can be applied to big and small spaces. Many home improvement experts suggest ample storage to enhance your pantry.

Instead of investing in expensive storage options, you can utilize your kitchen's unclaimed wall or corner spaces. You can install open shelves to keep dishes and spices in that space.

You can also opt for corner drawers, spice drawers, undershelf baskets, corner cabinets, or side shelves to place frequently used cookware within easy reach. If you're a wine lover and entertainer, consider mounting a wine rack next to or under upper cabinets. Contrary to popular belief, these storage options don't have to cost you a fortune. You can easily find them on Amazon starting from $85. You can also be competent and visit your nearest thrift store, where you will likely find great deals on kitchen storage options from $30 to $40.

2. Enhance Your Entrance:

Enhancing the look of your entrance is a dynamic way to define your space. There are numerous ways to upgrade your house entrance, such as choosing different colors, elements, and exteriors to bring out the theme of your curb appeal. There are several ways to make guests feel more welcome and in tune with nature.

These techniques include swapping out your porch lights, repainting or framing your front door, adding some plants, using decorative house numbers, or rolling out a rug. All these techniques will cost you a few dollars but leave your entrance awe-pealing to every eye.

3. Shine Up Your Wooden Furniture:

Your furniture is a home improvement project that can significantly impact with minimal effort. You can easily enhance the look of your living room by lighting up your wooden furniture. It doesn't require special skills or tools and can be done in just a few simple steps.

You only need some polish, a soft cloth, and elbow grease to make your furniture look brand new. This will restore its natural shine, cover any wear and tear, and give your home a new look. So, this week, take a few minutes to shine up your wooden furniture. Your home will thank you, and your guests will compliment your interior.

4. Take Out Time for Decluttering:

Decluttering is a magical way to make room for home improvement instantly. It involves making space for new things and selling the old ones to make money.

Most of us have things lying around our house that we no longer need, such as clothes that don’t fit, old books, damaged interiors, duplicates, or electrical items that don’t work. Any home improvement guru will recommend performing a thorough decluttering session before bringing in new things.

We suggest looking around and finding the area that needs decluttering the most. The best thing about this home improvement project is that it costs nothing. It only requires your time, thoughts, and efficiency. You can take an entire evening or afternoon or consistently work in 10-15 minute daily decluttering sessions. Both ways will add up over time, and you will find yourself with a beautifully decluttered house faster than you ever thought possible.

5. Enhance Your Space with Lighting:

Lighting is a crucial aspect of our house interiors that can help enhance the ambiance of a room. Good lighting can make a room appear more spacious and prevent it from feeling cramped. Improving the lighting of your house is an effective way to enhance your home's overall feel.

You can use various techniques to enhance your home's lighting. You can use string lights, mason jar lights, upcycled lamps, LED strip lights, or any other lighting option that suits your style.

DIY crafts are an excellent way to create unique and affordable lighting options. LED strips and fairy lights are readily available and easy to work with, and you can find them on Amazon for as little as $16. Home improvement experts suggest visiting thrift stores and looking for old lamps.

These lamps can be an excellent DIY project to enhance your lighting situation. You can buy a new lampshade and a lightbulb from the dollar store for cheap, as long as the base is in good condition. You can customize it any way you want, giving you a unique and personalized lighting fixture for your home.

6. Install Built-in Bookshelf:

Looking to make a significant improvement to your home? Consider installing a built-in bookshelf! This project can refresh your space and give you extra storage for books or a place to display your favorite collections. Despite its impressive appearance, this DIY project only requires a few building components.

You can even use base cabinets or shelves as a foundation. Crown molding or headers at the top can give the bookshelf an authentic, built-in look. This project is perfect for intermediate builders, and costs can vary depending on the size of the project and the materials chosen. You can expect to spend anywhere from $50 to $100 to complete this project.

7. Revitalize Flooring:

Revitalizing your floors can give your home a fresh and neat look. Wooden and marble tiles are among the most popular flooring options nationwide, but they often become dull over time. If your floor has also suffered enough daily wear and tear and is left dull, scratched, and worn, it's time to roll up your sleeves and start this home improvement project this weekend.

Restoring your floor is an easy process that requires a few steps. With some patience and elbow grease, you can bring your floors back to life and save thousands of dollars.

Gather your supplies, such as a drum or orbital sander, sandpaper, vacuum cleaner, putty knife, paintbrushes or rollers, and polyurethane finish. Remember to cover your surroundings with safety materials like plastic sheeting and painter's tape. Wear a respirator mask, safety goggles, and ear protection to avoid chemical reactions.

8. Refresh Your Paint:

Painting is one of the most impressive home improvement projects that can change the look of your home. If the paint on your walls is scratched, dry, faded, or outdated, it's time to bring new colors into your life. You can see a massive difference in your house with some elbow grease and a few paint cans. This home improvement project also has multiple possibilities. You can choose a neutral, dark, or pastel color scheme, which defines your interior taste the most.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Following are the FAQs about 7 Budget-Friendly Home Improvement Projects to Try In 2024:

Q1. What are the objectives of home improvement?

Ans: Home improvement projects can serve several purposes, such as personal preference and comfort, maintenance, or repair work.

Q2. What should you do first in home improvements?

Ans: the first stage of home improvement is fixing, repairing, and decluttering.

Q3. How do I organize my home improvement project?

Ans: Create a checklist and set a budget to organize your renovation accordingly.

Q4. How do you manage a home improvement project?

Ans: To manage your home improvement project, plan and organize your tasks.

Q5. Do you supply materials for home improvement projects?

Ans: Any home improvement project requires basic materials and tools.


Are you looking to enhance the appearance of your home without spending too much money or hiring professionals? There are several affordable techniques and materials that you can use to achieve this. Our blog will guide you through seven budget-friendly DIY projects you can quickly complete in your free time.

These projects are perfect for January 2022 and will help you spruce up your home without breaking the bank. Visit Billy.com to avail yourself of the best home improvement services.

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