10 Budget-Friendly DIY Home Improvement Tips

Home improvements should not break your bank. Most home renovations are relatively easy. If you have a modicum of handyman skills, you can do it on your own. That way, you can control your budget and have the pride of creating something with your own hands.


That said, let us discuss 10 ways by which you can improve the looks of your home – on a budget.

1. Paint One Wall


Yes, just by painting a wall in or outside your house can improve the look of your home. While you’re at it, why not let go of your creative self, and design an eye-catching accent wall? It will not take you more than half-a-day to complete it if the wall you are paining on is not that big.


However, you need to plan what you want to do. First, carefully choose the paint color or colors that you will apply. One rule that you should not forget is to let these colors harmonize with the overall color of your house – even if it is an accent wall.


Perhaps you should stay away from faux-covered walls. Their fashion is already fading away. If you want to really paint your wall as if it’s a piece of artwork, take some online lessons or free workshops on painting walls before you embark on this project.


But, if you have doubts that you will not be able to accomplish the mission, you can always hire a painting company.


2. Paint Up Old furniture


Refreshing the paint of the old furniture in your home will greatly improve its looks. Don’t be afraid because this job is fairly easy to do. There are many choices of paints and finishes available on the market today which make the job relatively easy.


One choice is chalkboard paint. It is relatively cheap and some brands are available in spray cans. You only have to paint it over the surface of your old furniture. But you need to prepare the surfaces first before applying the paint.


A second choice is spray paint. This is a very easy way to paint all the old furniture that needs to be refurbished in your home.  If you have old furniture with lacquer finishes that are already faded, you can re-apply fresh lacquer or varnish to allow these surfaces to shine again.


3. Decorate With Plants


Simply letting the outdoors in will elevate the ambiance inside your house. If you carefully choose the plants that you will allow inside your house, the mood of your house will go from negative to positive.


Before choosing plant to buy, conduct research on what type of greeneries will harmonize with the type of your house. Include some flowering plants in your choices since they will really lighten up the mood inside your house. And also choose carefully the right locations where you will place them.


It is recommended that the entrance to your house should also be decorated with gorgeous plants. Why? It is the first thing that greets your visitors. They will make a good impression on your guests.


4. String of Lights


Hanging strings of lights in strategic sections in your home will surely improve its looks.  When lighted at night, these lights have a way of elevating the spirits of those who are under their light beams.


Forget the thought that these lights are only for the holidays and the yuletide season. They are the easiest way you can dramatically improve the looks of your home. There are many types of string lights that you can choose from available in the market today. And most of them are very affordable.


Putting them up is just as easy. Again, you have to choose the strategic areas in your home where you can install these string lights for maximum effect. You can even have them installed canopy style so that you and your guests will be completely covered by twinkling lights in your night parties. Also have a small portable generator on hand to have string lights work even during power outages.


5. Hang Artwork on Your Wall


Not knowing how to paint is not enough reason why you can’t upgrade your wall. Why not hang some artwork on that wall? If you are limited by your budget, you can just buy high-quality color prints of fabulous paintings of the masters. These prints are not very expensive and yet they will do wonders in the appearance and appreciation of your home.


6. Add a Display Cabinet on Your Wall


Display cabinets are part and parcel of most pricey homes. Why not make your home appear expensive by doing the same? If you have some mementos, awards, medals, and curios from your trips abroad, you can display them on a wooden cabinet with glass covers.


These precious items will really look special if they are displayed in all their glory inside a glass-covered wooden cabinet. These cabinets can be had at affordable prices as well, depending on the quality of wood and their size.


Display cabinets may be used to save some space in a small kitchen.


7. Stick Removable Wallpaper on Your Wall


Sticking removable wallpaper on your wall will instantly improve the looks of your home. Just be sure that the design of the wallpaper and the images contained in it will not clash with the overall décor of your house. If you get tired of it, you can just change it with another design, and presto, the ambiance will change again.


8. Repurpose Old Furniture


If you have old but high-quality furniture which is still functional but has already outgrown their use, you can refurbish them and use them for another purpose. For instance, an old dresser can be turned into a kitchen island without too much work being done on it. But you need to refurbish its paint or repair some of its issues before it can be repurposed.


If you are planning a major restoration, it’s a good idea to hire restoration contractors.


9. Refresh the Paint of Your Front Door


Updating your front door is an easy way of showing others that you are improving the look of your house. But buying a new door and installing it might not be friendly to your budget. So, just paint it with a new coat of paint, and just like that, you have improved its appearance.


10. Install Accessories on Your Doorway


Your doorway or entryway is the first section of your house that is seen by your guests and neighbors. The easiest and cheapest way to improve its looks is by accessorizing this area of your home. You can choose from among the many accessories that are sold in stores that are selling items for home improvements.


As you can see, it is not very difficult and also not expensive to improve the appearance of your home even if you are not the handyman type and your day job requires a far off thing. Just follow some of these tips and you will be delighting your guests the next time you hold a party at your home.

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