Best Replacement Window Brands for Your Home

When your windows start losing some of their luster, it is time to consider installing the best replacement windows around your home. As soon as old windows become broken, damaged or warped, it is preferable to install a replacement than perform a simple repair. You may have been happy with your old windows, but you should always keep one eye out for something better. A contractor can help you find the best replacement window brands that will make your house feel like brand new.


Best Replacement Window Brands in the Industry


There are several factors to consider when looking for the best windows. You want to look at the cost, styles offered, frame types, energy efficiency and your average local prices for the entire installation. Speak with window contractors about what brands they offer. However, it does not hurt to bring up any of these brands during your initial consultation if they sound right for you.


Anderson Windows


Andersen Windows offers some of the best replacement windows in the industry. They are constructed out of first-class materials, and the company’s windows come in different tiers for every budget. Some of the windows start at $215, but others go as high as $2,100 for each window. The installation price will vary depending on where you live. However, no matter how you slice it, these are some of the best vinyl replacement windows you can get. Over 20 million vinyl windows are sold each year, and with so many people trusting them, you can depend on them, too.


In the event you want something specifically customized for your abode, Andersen also allows for custom-made windows. These are highly desirable because they include advanced security features. They may be more expensive than the competition, but they last longer. You also receive more inclusive warranties to make sure your windows will not lose their shine any time soon.


Alside Windows


Alside has been around for well over 60 years now, so it has a history of excellence. There are six different series of windows offered by the company, including the popular Fusion line. These windows offer greater insulation, but you may also want to consider the Sheffield window line, which comes with better durability.


Homeowners interested in lowering the carbon footprint of their homes may want to install the Mezzo series, which meets the requirements set forth by ENERGY STAR. Instead of chasing down various window replacement leads, you can talk to your contractor about all of the thermal-efficient features in the Mezzo series, including enhanced spaces, dual-pane insulated glass and argon gas.



Don Young Windows


The Don Young Company got its start in 1978 in a small location in Dallas. The initial focus of the company was on the installation and manufacture of storm doors and windows. These processes have developed greatly over the years as the company has expanded. The Don Young Company became one of the very first manufacturers of vinyl windows in the state of Texas. The business still has some of the best vinyl replacement windows around.


The Don Young Company places a strong emphasis on energy efficiency. It also specializes in custom-fit windows, and it will make anything to accommodate whatever size you have around your house. There are additional options to consider as far as accessories and glazing, so make sure you ask about anything you could possibly want to make your house truly feel like home.


Harvey Windows


Most Harvey replacement windows range in price from $285 to $450. These are some of the best replacement windows you will find that are proudly made in the United States. Harvey owns state-of-the-art facilities in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, and the company offers some fantastic warranties to grant you peace of mind. Vinyl, storm and wood windows are all offered here at affordable prices.


JELD-WEN Windows


JELD-WEN is one of the country’s leading manufacturers in high-quality windows. However, the company also specializes in interior and exterior doors to completely renovate your house. JELD-WEN has been around since 1960, and starting in 1998, the company partnered with ENERGY STAR.


JELD-WEN is special in the industry for how it produces AuraLastÒ wood. Most other companies use dip-treated wood, which does not protect wood windows against termites, water saturation and wood rot. The vacuum pressure process associated with this new kind of wood ensures all of the ingredients go the entire way through to the wood’s core. This guarantees 100% penetration. This allows JELD-WEN to use fewer preservatives, making sure your wood windows are of the highest quality possible.


Loewen Windows 


Loewen has long remained a leading manufacturer of windows in Canada. In particular, it offers beautiful wood windows that come with optional metallic claddings in copper, bronze or aluminum. These windows are highly recommended for anyone who lives in a city that tends to get extreme weather. These windows are designed to withstand the impact of storms and heavy winds. They also feature energy-efficient low-E glass as well as argon-insulated panes.


Loewen’s products qualify as luxury windows, so they cost more than other windows you will find on the market. They are wood windows, which are highly desirable around the country. Loewen has been in business since 1905, so the business has over a century of quality under its belt. The company always remains on the cutting edge of functionality, so when you want to be comfortable inside your home, then these windows are for you.


Milgard Windows


Milgard Windows has three guidelines it always follows for its manufacturing processes. First, the customer always deserves respect. The customer must always receive the best service possible. Finally, the company must pursue superior and excellent performance no matter what. To attain these lofty goals for the best replacement windows ever, the company highly values its employees. The company employs over 3,000 individuals, and they are a vital part of the company’s success.


Milgard has employed 50 years of innovation in the industry. A big part of the company’s growth started in 1989 when it began manufacturing the company’s first windows with vinyl frames. What sets the company apart from other window manufacturers is that it even produces its own vinyl components and insulated glass units.



NT Windows


Since 1990, NT Windows has manufactured many different series of windows. You need to make sure you purchase the right windows for your specific project. For example, the Executive Series is ideal when you want the best replacement windows. However, if you are building a new house from scratch, then you will want to look more toward the Presidential Series.


Pella Windows


Starting in 1925, Lucille and Pete Kuyper invested in a newfound invention at the time. This was a window screen that could be rolled down and up just like a shade. The couple would go on to start the Pella Corporation and produce a vast array of the best replacement windows found in the United States. The Kuyper family still owns the business to this day, and they still abide by old-fashioned values. The company has attained over 150 design and product patents over the years, so you will not find other windows like this.


There are some incredibly affordable windows produced by Pella. For example, the Encompass Double Hung Vinyl Windows begin at $150 per window while one of the most expensive products, the 450 Proline Double Hung Wood Windows, begins at $424 per window. It all comes down to what you want for your home and what you want to spend. Pella has a window for every price point.


PGT Windows


PGT Custom Windows + Door has one clear code it lives by. The company strives to create relationships with every product sold. PGT has a stellar 99% on-time delivery rate, and there are workers around the clock to answer any questions you might have about your new window. PGT also has strong philanthropic efforts, and as a result, employees donate time, money and products to various organizations, including the Boys & Girls Club and the Loveland Center.


Since PGT is based out of Florida, it has a strong commitment to creating storm-resistant windows. Hurricanes blow through the state constantly, so homeowners need windows they can depend on. Fortunately, PGT's products are distributed globally. No matter where you live, you can be confident your home will be safe from high winds and heavy rains with these products. Window frames made by the company are constructed out of 100% virgin uPVC vinyl, which has been infused with color- and heat-stabilizing materials for the best results. An average aluminum single hung window made by the company will generally cost around $485 per window.


Ply Gem Windows 


For decades, Ply Gem has continued to be a leader in the window, siding and door industries. The portfolio you find with Ply Gem is unmatched by any other company, and it has the widest selection of residential exterior products. Each one is backed by a stellar warranty.


The reason why this company has lasted for so long is that each product is tested intensely to make sure it can withstand the roughest conditions. There are also virtually limitless options when it comes to texture, design and color. Regardless of what you want for your home, Ply Gem makes the best replacement windows for the job. You can enhance curb appeal and raise the property value of your home with these incredible windows.


The company is especially known for its foam-filled vinyl windows. These products are packed with foam for extra insulation, and they can be fitted with either double- or triple-pane glass. Before they are sent out, they are filled with argon gas to further increase the insulation. The windows exist within the mid-tier range, and they generally cost roughly $400 per window when you buy from the company’s Premium Series.


Rehme Windows


Rehme manufactures steel windows 100% made in the United States. This means you will find precision craftsmanship in every window, and you can expect flatter panels, crisper joints and higher tolerances than the competition. Windows manufactured from here are designed to last longer than other products on the market.


Rehme constantly looks for ways to enhance its development, manufacturing and engineering processes. Additionally, the steel windows are 95% recyclable, so when the time comes for another replacement, you can do your part for the planet.




The great thing about Reliabilt windows is the relative ease at which you can purchase them. They are available at Lowe’s locations across the country. They are specifically crafted to provide security and style.


You can find casement and double-hunt styles, and one great feature that has recently come into play is the low-emissivity feature, which minimizes the amount of infrared and ultraviolet light that can enter your house. The glass is also filled with argon for greater insulation. You can find stock sizes at your local Lowe’s or request a special order online.


Simonton Windows


Simonton was founded in 1946 in West Virginia. Sybil and Fred Simonton wanted to create higher-quality exterior aluminum products than what they had found elsewhere. The couple’s son would eventually take over the company, and he would further raise its profile in the industry. He suggested Simonton break away from the competition and start manufacturing energy-efficient vinyl windows. Today, the company’s portfolio has several of the best replacement windows in the industry. When you buy from Simonton, you get first-class service and unbeatable prices.


When you know you specifically want the best vinyl replacement windows available, you need to buy from Simonton. The company also offers a vast selection of different glasses, many of which come with treatments to protect you from infrared and UV light. This prevents your home’s interior from getting too warm, and it protects you from many damaging rays. While bay windows from Simonton can cost up to $1,100, you can find some amazing casement and awning windows for less than $300.


Get a Consultation to Find the Best Windows


You need to do your research before contacting a window installer so that you can go into the first meeting informed. Once you are ready for a consultation, you should reach out to to find the perfect contractor in your area. There are a lot of brands to choose from, and you are bound to find one that is perfect for your home.

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