How to make sure your AC System does not harm your loved ones health?

Health is an important aspect in an individual’s life. One should not only focus on physical health but also on the emotional and psychological health as well. It should be protected and promoted through many ways, including avoiding the reasons for stress, which leads to anxiety and depression. One major way to have a good health is by having enough sleep, which a person can get if he/she is comfortable in his/her bedroom. There are many ways to have the appropriate amount of comfort a person needs, but it is important to note the role of a well set Air Conditioning system, which helps in boosting health by providing cool air and comfort in the strong heat days. But at the same time, one should not ignore the drawbacks of an AC system, including the fact that it is a luxurious item, therefore it is expensive and unaffordable for some families.

According to studies conducted by the U.S Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, it is stated that people have claimed that Air Conditioners have posed serious health issues for the people who have those ACs in their compartments. The reason why people stated this was because the people were diagnosed to a Sick Building Syndrome, where they felt breathing issues, headaches as well as fatigue and they link these symptoms to the AC.

After conducting surveys and tests, it has been found out that the two major health problems that are created due to a contaminated AC unit consist of asthma and various types of allergies, including skin allergies. This is due to the fact that cooling warmer air generates moisture and condensation which is then channeled away through air ducts and filters. If there are internal problems in the AC unit, it can lead to the production of bacteria and fungi within the unit, which is then inhaled by the people who use that specific AC. This leads to the creation of more health issues and therefore needs to be solved through proper maintenance of the Air Conditioner.

Therefore, in order to avoid the poor health risks that are caused due to Air Conditioning, it is important to focus on the following essential steps.

Making sure your AC  Works Properly

Testing your AC’s cooling Ability

Firstly, you should aim to test your central AC’s cooling ability, and check whether it is working properly or not. You can conduct this test easily, at home, and you only need to have a thermometer to check whether it reaches the desired cooling place or not. You can test your Air Conditioning cooling ability by replacing the furnace filter initially and then detaching your vent covers before the actual testing takes place. By doing this, you allow your Air Conditioner to provide air without any obstacles hindering the air to flow properly. If in case you are unable to check the inside material of the AC, what you should do is to call a professional AC Contractor, who has the qualification and experience of doing this work in a safe manner.

After this, you have to check whether the AC is working properly or not and to do this, you have to turn the AC on. You should be careful while going near an AC which is on, in order to avoid the risk of electrocuting yourself. You should simply take the thermometer and tape it inside the AC, allowing the AC to run for around 10 minutes in order to see the best results. In case it is not working effectively, you need to call in the maintenance unit as soon as possible, in order to reduce the risk of the system posing serious threats to your health.

Visual Assessment of the Air Conditioner

A visual assessment of the air conditioner is another approach to check whether the unit is working appropriately. Pools of water or refrigerant shouldn't be existing and can demonstrate leaks from broken lines within the AC system. It is likewise a good idea to cautiously note for signs your AC system isn't working appropriately. Squeaks, squeals, grinding and slamming noises are regular signs that belts or other items of the AC unit are wearing out. In this case, you should contact an AC contractor or if it is a new AC, then the shop where you bought it from because it hold a guarantee of up to 3 years.

Cleaning filters

One common cause of breathing problems caused due to Air Conditioner is because of the filters being dirty and the ductwork remaining uncleaned. Along with this, generally, if there is a poor maintenance of your Air Conditioner, it can lead to the release of mold and other pollutants and impurities into the air that you inhale. The dirty filters permit numerous pesticides and pollen to enter your home which have a negative impact on your health. Therefore, what you should do is focus on cleaning the filters, because by doing so you block all the bad chemicals and pollutants into entering the air that you breathe. You can either clean the filter yourself or replace it with new ones in accordance to the manufacturer’s advice. Also, it is important to keep in mind to have a maintenance checkup initiated by the HVAC technicians on an annual basis in order to keep the AC working safely.

Choosing a local AC Contractor

When checking for the impact of AC cooling system on the health, it is important to see whether the AC is working sufficiently or not, and this can be checked by calling in a local AC Contractor to check the AC. It is necessary to pick the right AC Contractor, and you can do this by comparing a few local contractors and their qualities and work experience. You don’t want to spend too much money on fixing your AC, which is why it is important to chose a specific AC Contractor for the specific unit, in order to make sure the AC starts working in safe hands.

Sometimes, a home that isn't cooling properly has nothing to do with the AC itself, due to the fact that temperature can be raised simply due to sunlight coming from windows,  air leaks around windows or doors as well as cooking and cleaning during daytime. Equally important is the fact that one should allow proper ventilation in the house in order to circulate fresh air inside, which improves the health conditions.


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