8 Enjoyable Ways To Increase Your Home's Value

As a homeowner, you know the day may come when you decide to sell. That's why it's important to maintain your home and add improvements that steadily raise its value. However, it's a good idea to integrate things that you'll actively use and appreciate yourself during the years you spend there. Here are eight fun and enjoyable ways to increase your home's value.

Put in a Swimming Pool

A swimming pool is one of the most pleasurable additions you can add to a home. Locating affordable pool builders near me is your first step to finding just the right pool for your yard and budget. When you own a pool, you have a source of family fun every weekend without spending money on expensive vacations. Plus, swimming is great exercise and you can use your pool any time, day or night.


Swimming pools boost the value of your home and they also make it more likely to sell quickly. Families with children are especially inclined to choose a house with a pool. When you add fencing, lighting and landscaping, a pool becomes even more appealing.

Build a Deck

Another popular home improvement that will give you hours of pleasure is a brand new deck. A deck expands your living space into the outdoors where you can use it to sunbathe or have dinner. It's perfect for entertaining, giving your guests plenty of room to mingle. Decks are also a good option for a walking area between your house and pool.


A backyard deck is a terrific way to up the value of your property, especially when it's made from high-quality materials and professionally designed. Consider adding unique features to your deck such as benches, planters and multiple levels.

Install Granite Countertop

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home and it's easy to see why. Kitchens are where family meals are made and guests are entertained. If you love spending time in your kitchen, make it more inviting by adding a granite countertop. Granite is the toughest kitchen surface you can buy, yet it's easy to take care of and is resistant to stains, scratches and burns. Each piece of granite has one-of-a-kind design and coloring.


Granite countertops aren't expensive when you consider they'll last the lifetime of the home. Adding them to your kitchen raises your home's value and is attractive to potential buyers. 

Replace Your Windows

You might wonder how replacement windows are an improvement you'll enjoy, but you'll soon realize how much better your life will be. Updated windows make both the inside and outside of your home look new. They're easy to open, simple to clean and are more energy-efficient than your old windows. Plus, they make your home tighter and more secure.


Replacement windows are one of the quickest repairs you can make that will increase the value of your home. The best part is that they're price-friendly and don't all have to be done at the same time. Concentrating on one room at a time allows you to replace windows on your schedule.

Upgrade Your Garage Door

Upgrading your garage door makes an incredible difference in the appearance of your entire home. It's also a job that can be done swiftly and makes your life so much easier. If you're still using a manual garage door, replacing it with an automatic door will get you in and out with just the push of a button. A garage door also makes your house more energy-efficient by not letting cold or hot air in. Plus, it protects your car and other valuables you store inside.


Adding a new door to your garage is one of the most affordable ways to heighten the value of your home while increasing curb appeal.

Create a Wine Cellar

If you thought basements were just for laundry, you haven't used yours to its full potential. If you have extra space or an unused basement room, you can transform it into an amazing place to store and sample wine. Your contractor will make sure your basement is dry, then you can decide on the type of walls you want as well as concrete or tile flooring. Decorating is the fun part and includes adding wine racks, shelves and a refrigerated unit. Then, top off the room with a table and barstools.


Depending on the size of your basement, you can craft a wine cellar from an entire room or even in the space beneath the stairs. The addition of a wine cellar is an exciting and uncommon way to put value into your home.

Add a Gas Fireplace

The best home additions are the ones that add comfort to your life and that's how you'll feel when you add a gas fireplace. Just because your home doesn't have a traditional fireplace doesn't mean you can't enjoy a crackling fire. Gas fireplaces are completely realistic looking but much safer than burning wood. They also don't release harmful pollutants and allergens making them better for you and the environment.


Gas fireplaces can be added to almost any room in the house as long as you have the proper hook-up. They'll help you save money on your heating bill and are a low-cost way to make your home more desirable to buyers.

Turn Your Shower to Stone

Converting your shower stall to natural stone is a total game-changer. Natural stone is a surprisingly affordable material that renders dramatic results, especially in a shower. It's not complicated to install, so if you're experienced in laying tile, it's a good do-it-yourself project. Stone also holds in heat saving you energy. The addition of a rainfall showerhead will create an oasis you'll love spending time in, plus it makes a luxurious selling point.


When considering all the improvements you can make to your home, take advantage of the ones you'll truly relish. Installing a swimming pool, granite countertop or a gas fireplace will enhance the quality of your life as well as give your home beauty and value. 

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