6 Signs On When to Call an Emergency Electrician

Electricity is a discovery that has had a transformative effect on the world. Homes and businesses everywhere use electricity to run various things. Due to it having a myriad of applications, you can use it in almost everything. It is of great use to society, and you need it a lot. Thus, if you are installing a new electrical system, ensure you work with licensed Bates Electric. As a result, it will reduce the surges that result from electrical emergencies and faulty wiring. Also, it will prevent minor problems from becoming more serious and dangerous. Below are telltale signs you need to contact an emergency electrician. 

Dimming and flickering lights 

Do your lights dim or flicker as you turn on multiple outlets? This is a sign you have an issue with your home or business's electrical system. After some time, the wiring in your property needs an upgrade. From having home pests, various factors may cause damage to your wiring. No matter the case, it is vital to seek electrical services to get the wiring checked. However, it may also be you need to update your old electrical system. Also, if you have not wired the appliances that use a lot of electricity to their circuits, they will affect distribution of power, and lights will start to flicker. If you have such appliances, contact a commercial electrical company to help with installation. 


If you notice a spark after you connect an appliance to an outlet, it is normal. But, if the wiring is faulty, the outlet is overloaded, or installation is poor, it may cause the outlets to spark abnormally. You can tell such sparks as they are lengthy, lasting more than a second before they fizzle out, easily noticeable and very big, colored yellow or white instead of the usual blue. Sometimes, you may not be so keen to notice sparking. But having regular maintenance with a licensed electrician will be of help.  

Your circuit breaker often trip

In any electrical system, a circuit breaker is a vital component. Its main role is to monitor the circuit, and if it detects an overload, it shuts off immediately. Therefore, preventing surges or other complications from causing damages to your home's electrical system and components. In usual occurrences, the breaker will trip if you are using high voltage appliances at once. But, if fuses get damaged frequently or your breaker keeps tripping, this is a sign you have an underlying issue with your electrical system.

Age of property 

Electrical systems need an upgrade regularly to ensure you are in a safe environment from electrical dangers. If you live in a property older than 20 years, the wiring may be decaying or antiquated. For this reason, you will have to call your electrical contractors to take a look and advice on what to do. Electrical safety is all about prevention and caution. Therefore, when you notice an electrical issue, it is advisable to contact your emergency electrician. This will help you sort out more electrical problems that you were unaware of in your premises.

Burning smell from outlets

You will notice a burning smell when an electrical outlet is overheating. In some cases, the outlet becomes discolored and burnt. Therefore, if you see brown marks or sense burning on the switches and sockets, switch off the outlet, unplug appliances, and call your emergency electrician to avoid a fire from occurring. 

Humming and buzzing sounds 

If you notice humming and buzzing sounds from your breaker box, it is an indication you have an issue with your wiring. The circuit breaker by design should protect your property from electrical surges. Thus, if it has any damage, it leaves you vulnerable. For this reason, take seriously the slightest buzzes and hums you notice. 


To sum up, the above are some of the top signs you should consider calling an emergency electrician. You can get more not in the list above. Thus, if the issue you are facing seems serious, you can still contact them. Avoid doing DIYs when you have a problem, as you will make it worse. Always contact a professional to handle it. 


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