6 Bathroom Design Ideas To Inspire Your Next Renovation

Bathrooms are usually the least stylish part of the house because they're purely functional. But, mirror selfies and bubble baths become more enjoyable when you know how to get creative with your space.

To kick-start your renovation, I'm sharing 6 bathroom ideas that you may consider. These designs are so stunning that you would never leave the tub!

What to do before Renovating your Bathroom

There are several things to do to prepare for your bathroom remodel. Keep these three tips in mind:

  1. Set Your Budget

The first step to setting a budget for your bathroom renovation is determining your mode of payment. Are you going to take out a loan, apply for credit, or pay in cash? What available funds do you have?

How much should you spend? Consider the value of your entire home. Ask yourself if you're willing to spend more than 10% of that amount on one bathroom. Spending too much will make the bathroom disproportional to your whole house.

For example, you bought your house for $100,000. The highest amount you must spend on your bathroom should be less than or equal to $10,000.

Next, determine your exact bathroom goals. Learn how much the materials cost and the contractor's fee.

One tip to saving money is to do the demolition by yourself. Remove the storage spot and tiles on your own if you can.

  1. Determine what Can and Can't be DIY

While you want to save as much money as possible, some activities require the help of professionals. Otherwise, you'll end up spending more money from a failed Do It Yourself (DIY).

One of the most common mistakes people make during their DIY projects is picking the wrong materials. You can choose the paint colors and sink design, but selecting the correct tile adhesive or mortar can be challenging.

Performing a complete DIY renovation also limits your choices. You may not know different layouts for the sink, tub, and toilet.

You can perform the demolition and purchase of materials by yourself. Buy your paint, tiles, toilet, and supplies. Pick the cabinetry on your own as long as you check with your architect, contractor, and interior designer.

Most DIYers can build walls, install the showers, and attach the cabinets by themselves. However, plumbing, flooring, and wiring can be too complicated. Leave this stuff to the pros.

  1. Check your Local Codes and Regulations

Investigating local codes and regulations is critical when planning a home renovation. Check if you need to get a permit for your plumbing and electrical works.

You should also make sure your neighbors are okay with the noise you will make. If you live in an apartment, check the building restrictions. The same is true if you reside in a townhouse.

6 Bathroom Design Ideas for your Next Renovation

Choosing a brand-new design for your space isn't easy. Here are 6 bathroom inspirations to help you plan.

  1. Subway Tiles


This spacious bathroom has a simple foundation: white wall tiles and subway porcelain tiles. The design is ideal for farmhouse interiors, especially if you want to shift from traditional to modern.

What makes it look stylish despite its simplicity is the black bathroom fixtures. Try adding a black tub, black window frames, and wooden cabinets. The in-wall storage and glass door also make the already-wide space much broader.

Instead of replacing your shower fixtures, try spray-painting them with a matte black color. Tape everything off first and sand them with coarse grit paper. Avoid getting the paint on other bathroom parts by covering them with plastic or newspaper.

  1. Pick a Pop of Color


This lilac room feels elegant with matching rugs, white vanity cabinets, and silver fixtures. It's the best example of how simple re-painting can elevate the style of your entire bathroom.

The gorgeous purple bathroom features two mirrors and double vanity. Notice how the vase, soap dish, and dispenser are uniform with the sink fixtures. That's how you must do it when you want the pop of color to stand out in your space.

Tone everything else down when you're going for bold colors on your wall. Even your storage baskets, lamps, and bench should be neutral so as not to overdo it.

  1. Corner Tub


Corner tubs have been around for a long time, and they're here to stay. This layout is perfect for small apartments and those who want to go minimalist.

This bathroom resembles an Asian spa with its large tub, bowl-shaped vessel sink, and quartz countertops. It also features different shades of beige for the ceramic tiles.

Contact your contractor if you want to relocate your tub. Changing your bathroom layout requires professional work because of all the plumbing and carpentry.

  1. Double Sinks or Vanities


When you think of mixing traditional and modern, this Los Angeles bathroom might come to mind. It has light wood cabinets, sleek black doors, and gold-framed mirrors that harmonize well.

The wooden cabinets add a touch of warm color to the bright walls and golden fixtures. But, the best part about this bathroom is the double sink with a small vanity area in the middle. It's easier to wash your face and do your makeup all in one spot!

Save more money by using an old cabinet and combining it with marble countertops for DIY bathroom vanity. Add a chair that matches the wood, then spray-paint your mirror frames gold.

  1.  Storage and Counterspace


Lots of storage inside the bathroom means less clutter on your countertop. Make sure only your beautiful soap dispensers and reed diffusers are visible on top by hiding everything else in the drawers.

This two-toned transitional bathroom won't give you issues storing your essentials. Whether it's tissue paper, makeup, or towels, there's space for everything.

  1.  Floating Vanity


Bathrooms don't need to be extravagant to look gorgeous. This minimalist double vanity is floating against the plain, white wall to look airy and bright. You can also make the wooden vanity edgier with black sconces and fixtures.

Save more space by repurposing scrap wood and placing your sink on top to look like a floating table. You can also make it storage-friendly by using different materials, such as plywood, 2x2x8, and 2x2x4.

Conclusion for Bathroom Design Ideas

From a simple re-painting project to moving your tub to the corner, there are plenty of methods for making your bathroom more stylish and spa-like! These bathroom design ideas can also increase your home's overall value.

Did this list give you inspiration for your next renovation? I hope so! For even more great tips, check out our website!

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