5 Ways to Improve Your Home Office for Productivity and Happiness

Everyone dreams of working from home full-time, right? According to a research study conducted by Stanford, 60 percent of employees who participated in the study opted to work from the office. Why? Lack of interaction and isolation were among the top reasons for employees going back to the office. Another major reason was a lack of a home office. Hunching over your computer on the kitchen table or working in bed can greatly harm your productivity and performance. To enjoy your remote work experience, you must have a dedicated home office.

What boosts your productivity?

To boost your productivity, you need to improve your home office. Your workspace needs to remind you of your goals. Keeping your goals in mind every day will prevent you from losing track in the long run. The majority of successful people have written goals here for quick and easy access. If you haven’t written down your goals, now is the best time to do so. Once you’ve done this, you’ll quickly identify several things that should be included in your workspace to trigger a productive mood. Here are five simple ways to improve your home office for productivity and happiness.

  1. Invest in a music system

As the popular saying goes, music is medicine to the soul. After a long hard day at the office, the best way to wind down is by listening to your favorite tracks. You need to invest in quality speakers and have multiple playlists for different kinds of concentration levels and work. If you usually enjoy listening to music while studying or working, you can easily boost your productivity by investing in a high-quality music system. When you are working on a small project that requires you to perform several tasks quickly, you can choose to play something upbeat. If you need to be creative, relaxing music is key. Your choice of music will depend on the type of work.

  1. Include plants

One of the key differences between going to an office and working from home is that you won’t have to commute. This not only saves money but also time and energy. Working from home means that you won’t be spending most of your time outdoors. Since the benefits of spending time in nature cannot be ignored, you must take short breaks frequently and go outside as much as you can. You can also add a piece of nature to your home office. A house plant will not only improve air quality but also decorate your workspace. You should do your research to know the best plants to include in your home office. This is especially true if you have pets. Some of the best indoor plants that are friendly to pets include the Spider plant, Chinese money plant, and Peacock plant.

  1. Get ergonomic

If you’ll be spending a couple of hours every day in your home office, you need to look after your back and neck. You should invest in a converting desk that allows you to alternate between sitting and standing. Remote workers are also purchasing converters that can be placed on a table or desk. Switching your work position will help you get more work done. You should also ensure that your forearms are parallel to the floor as you type. Your screen should be at the same level as your face. Getting ergonomic will boost your productivity and improve your health in the long run.

  1. Improve your lighting

Like any other living creature, you need sunlight. Apart from going outside during your breaks, it’s important to work near a window so that you expose yourself to natural light all day long. Exposing yourself to sunlight will boost your productivity, elevate your mood and improve the quality of your sleep. You can also improve your home office by ensuring that you add artificial light. A home office that’s dimly lit will lead to eye strain, drowsiness, and even depression. You need to change your lamp bulbs often to brighten your space and boost your productivity and performance in the long run.

  1. Decorate your space

One of the biggest benefits of working remotely is you can decorate your space to suit your needs and preferences. You can hang photos of your loved ones, invest in candles or paint any color you want on your walls. Decorating your workspace will enable you to feel alert, creative, and relaxed. If you’ll be having video calls with colleagues, you need to organize and decorate your environment to avoid destroying your reputation.

Additional tips for working from home

  1. Stay focused

You need to know the difference between the creation of variety and inviting distractions. Balancing between freedom, discipline, flexibility, and focus will boost your productivity and increase your chances of success. You need to focus on your daily goals, turn off notifications after your break and inform your loved ones about your plans in advance to avoid interruptions.

  1. Take your work seriously

Some people don’t take their work seriously because they work remotely. If you don’t respect yourself and your work, no one will. Working from home has numerous advantages if you are focused and happy. It does not communicate that you are less capable, professional, or experienced. When you are communicating with your clients or colleagues, always do your best.

  1. Have a morning routine

The majority of successful people have routines. A routine plays an integral role in helping you start each day successfully. Your routine needs to consist of positive habits before and after work. You can exercise and get dressed before working hours or read a book. Having a morning routine is essential if you want to increase your chances of success in the long run.

  1. Socialize with colleagues

Isolation, disconnect, and loneliness are some of the biggest problems facing remote workers. You need to find ways to socialize with your colleagues especially if you were used to the office setting. You can also download a messaging app to organize meetups and socialize with colleagues in your area. You need to figure out how much interaction you’ll require to avoid feeling isolated and disconnected. Even if you are introverted, it’s important to have time to socialize and nurture relationships. When you start feeling isolated and disconnected, you should seek professional help immediately.


Working from home has numerous advantages that cannot be ignored. To boost your productivity and feel happy, you need to improve your home office. Some of the best ways to improve your home office include investing in plants, ergonomically chairs and desks, decorating your workspace, and lighting it up. Don’t forget to take short breaks when you can.

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