5 Surprising Benefits of Regular Plumbing Maintenance

Indoor plumbing has been around since the year 2500 BC. Since then, it has been an essential service. One of the reasons for that is that plumbing mishaps like blocked drains can drastically affect your house. Water leaks are quite common if you do not perform regular plumbing maintenance.

Due to water leaks, the structural integrity of your house weakens and results in damaging the foundation of your house. In addition to this, unfixed plumbing issues like blocked drains are quite in Adelaide, Australia. This is where you need to take the services of a professional plumber that can perform blocked drain repairs in Adelaide.

 According to statistics released by the Environment Protection Agency, more than 1 trillion gallons of water are lost through water leaks annually. This water is enough to support 11 million homes for an entire year! Conducting annual or semi-annual maintenance schedules by your plumber can assist you in ascertaining minor plumbing issues like a blocked drain before they turn into a major catastrophe.

Here are some of the surprising benefits of regular plumbing maintenance:

Great improvement in water quality

Plumbing pipes do not last for an eternity. And, somewhere down the line, they wear out. This exposes the metal parts to rust corrosion that contaminates your water supply. On top of this, plumbing leaks can cause water patches that support the growth of bacteria colonies like giardia, legionella, and cryptosporidium. With the help of regular maintenance, you can ascertain the contamination source and nullify its effect from the start.

Drastic reduction in water bills

Do you know this fact? One drop of water every two seconds can waste a maximum of 3000 gallons of water yearly. Every drip results in compounding your water bills. With the help of scheduled maintenance, you can easily tame your continuously spinning water meter, resulting in cost savings. According to EPA, “Replacing the gurgling toilet can save more than 13000 gallons of water every year.

Results in better water pressure

 Nothing can be more frustrating than taking a shower under low water pressure. Water leaks result in reduced water pressure in certain faucets and sinks around the house. By eradicating the faulty taps, you can easily restore your water pressure to the appropriate levels. This will also ensure that you get better water pressure while taking a shower after a long hard day at work!

Enhances the lifespan of your plumbing system

Thanks to regular plumbing maintenance, you can easily store the functionality and efficiency of your water piping system. Excessive water pressure and shuddering result in straining the joints and pipes, resulting in pipe bursts. Water leaks can also damage your water appliances as the water accumulates at the base of the equipment.

Better air quality

Cracked pipes and faulty pipes can cause water leaks that can have a major impact on the quality of air in your home. The moisture present can have a major say in providing an excellent environment for the growth of mould. The musty, stale air puts an extra strain on your HVAC system resulting in higher energy consumptions. You might be surprised to see that the repairs to leaking pipes can permanently get rid of your mould problem.

Provides better health for your family

Water leaks result in a moist build-up within your house that causes mould growth. Of the 218 million reported to have Asthma in Australia alone, 4.6 million cases result from dampness and mould exposure in the house. By regularly conducting plumber maintenance, you can ensure that allergies, asthma, and other respiratory conditions do not occur in your house.

Prevents plumbing emergencies

You worsen the situation by ignoring the plumbing issues as the leaks cause extensive damage to your property over a while. Pipe bursts can prove to be lethal as they create havoc on your house, resulting in damage to your walls, floors, and ceilings. By performing regular maintenance, your local plumbers can ascertain these minor problems before they become full-blown disasters that need emergency repairs.

Enhanced home value

Plumbing systems account for 10% of the total value of your house. By performing regular maintenance schedules, you can keep the system functional. This ultimately results in improving the value of your house.

Final Words

Regular plumbing maintenance results in ensuring that your plumbing systems remain functional throughout the whole year. This is the perfect time of the year to call your local plumbing company and chalk out a maintenance program for your home so that you do not have to encounter plumbing issues like a blocked drain in the long run.

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