5 Of The Most Common Summer Roofing Problems

Now that summer has started knocking on heaven's door, it brings the bright sunny days ahead. However, this season also imposes new threats to our roofs. Now is the time to start thinking about summer home maintenance and repair. Not just this, summer carries its specific collection of rooftop challenges with it, as the season unfolds. One might say, roofing difficulties arise more frequently in the summer than it does in the winter. There is a lot of benefit in undertaking roof maintenance in the summer.


Every climate has problems of its own, and summer is no different. Of course, all the sunlight and rain is louder than rain and snow, but you can not have your freak flag fly. There are several season-specific roof problems to look out for. Recognizing specific issues is necessary to keep up with them efficiently and get the best roof repairs. It would enable you to prevent potentially more comprehensive roofing maintenance and avoid more harm to your house.


In this article, you'll get a thorough understanding of the five most common Summer roofing problems. They are listed below:

  • Leakage

One aspect you'll need to monitor is if there is any leakage within the house, through the roof. Snow and sometimes ice remain through the winter, and do not melt, then become a concern. It is crucial to detect this early, because extended periods can cause moisture to migrate to other areas of your house, possibly creating additional problems.


Once the spring comes around, all of the ice and snow starts melting, and that may cause leaks of your roof structure. The roofs need to be adequately taken care of; otherwise, they begin to leak. You must search for roof damage and leaks periodically. If you do not take proper care of your roofs, they will go from being a small crack to a costly repair.



clay roofing


  • Ventilation Issues

One must examine the attic and the roof together. If one element is clogged, the other one can get easily influenced, causing ventilation blockage. With the dry, humid summer environment, adequate ventilation is utterly necessary for your attic. When an attic lacks proper ventilation, it may induce moisture and lead to humidity build-up. And if it does, the roof might become weak and damaged.


Inadequate ventilation may also contribute easily to significant issues such as dry rot and fungus development. Therefore, try to ensure you engage in roofing facilities that can take a closer look at the ventilation condition in your attic and keep the roof from degrading even faster than it should.



aged tile roof




  • Development of Moss

Growth of moss and algae on houses, particularly the roof, is not unusual. So, while a little moss isn't anything to think about, the extreme development of moss or algae might be a big concern. It is an issue homeowners would like to resolve reasonably soon. The green development will lock moisture against the roof if left unaddressed. That can damage shingles and contribute to leakage over time.


As moss or algae spreads, it rots wooden surfaces and degrades it even further. That is why it is necessary to extract moss as early as possible until it latches too hard and does significant harm.



moss on roof


  • Broken Shingles

As the intense summer sun takes down, it may potentially cause shingles to dry off and get damaged or broken. If shingles get too dry or scratched, they may even begin to chip up or perhaps also fall off.

The house gets damaged without cover or adequate shingles; this is why roofing facilities become such a necessity. Luckily, improvements to the roof will help make sure that the shingles remain in decent condition to secure the home sufficiently.


old wood shingles


  • Damage Due to Storms

Some of the most significant losses to the roof come from destruction from storms and hurricanes. Throughout the summers or early autumn, several hurricanes arrive, making this a critical period for your roof. Once you are undergoing restoration or reconstruction of a big storm case, these will be your only choices.


The accumulated impact from mild to severe hurricanes is something that you really will have to watch out for. Every storm would not be something to think about by nature. Nonetheless, taken collectively, they sum up to significant risk to the house. When you suspect storm damage to your home, make sure you're taking the correct measure. During bad weather, there is just so much you could do to secure the house. Consider getting the trees trimmed and check out for curved and broken branches. Do a check for any broken sections on the roof once a storm has ended, or call in a roofer to make an evaluation.


Although we choose to invest as long as we can during the season, in our homes, it is often the perfect opportunity to do the upkeep. Yearly roof checks are among the most critical measures for maintenance. An assessment can hopefully spot any concerns before they transform into disasters.




The summer environment, as you might know, is not only about sunshine and roses. The massive sun and temperature that arrives during most of the summer season may trigger massive issues for your roof. Just be sure that you thoroughly check the roof and take care of any repairs to ensure that the roof could last for future years.


Often people don't really care about their roof unless there is anything majorly wrong with it and they require emergency help. Sadly, this approach will contribute to a higher likelihood that roofing facilities would be needed to fix the harm. But as an owner, you must make sure that you clean the roof once or twice a year. Summer is a perfect time to take a roof assessment due to the decreased chance of injury.

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