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Drainage problems are bound to occur in your home at some point, but if you’re well aware of what to look for, you can do your best to take care of any problems that may arise. Continue reading for some common signs your home has a drainage problem.

Standing Water

The first easy way to tell if you’re dealing with drainage problems around your home is if you start to notice standing water in your lawn, bathroom, driveway, or basement. You should consider drainage solutions for these areas. There are various drainage solutions out there for any application you need, so this is problem you can easily resolve.

Discolored Pipes

Next up, you might also detect discolored pipes in your home. Discolored pipes are often a result of moisture, and they can mean leakage is nearby. To take care of this common drainage problem, find the source of the leakage.

Foundation Cracks

You may also come across another common sign your home has a drainage problem if you start to detect cracks in the foundation. When your foundation deteriorates, this gives moisture the opportunity to cause all sorts of problems in your home. By staying on top of your floor’s condition, you can get ahead of serious foundational issues.

Water Stains

You can also detect problems by venturing into your basement and finding water stains. When you come across water stains, they’re telling you a water problem lies inside or near your home. Inspect your rain gutters for any clogs or the soil in your yard for standing water to find the source of the issue.

Strange Odors

You can also uncover problems related to drainage by observing any strange odors in your home. Normally, moisture buildup in your basement causes issues such as mold, and drainage problems could be the cause. Sometimes you can start to smell mildew in your home before you come across the issue in person. The smell of sewer water can also be an indicator that your drain needs a trap and vent.

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