5 Color Combination Hacks to Optimize Your Living Room’s Lightning

Creating the perfect ambiance in your living room starts with finding the perfect lighting scheme. Be it the design of your lights, or the color of the light they emit, all of this contributes to setting the tone in your primary relaxation space.


Lighting is one of the most crucial ways that we can create the perfect feel and mood for our space. While lighting is important in every area of the home, your living room is used day and night for everything from relaxing to hosting, so read on for some great lighting hacks to optimize your enjoyment of the space.

Always compliment your interior scheme

The lighting elements in your living room don't need to make themselves obvious. The goal should be a light that melds well with your living room colour schemes. We want it to complement, not distract. Whether you opt for a bright white or something a bit duller to set a darker mood, ensure it matches the feel of your interior.


For example, do you have bright wallpaper and colorful art? Then you may wish to create a more illuminated, bright feel. A softer yellow glow will be more suitable if you have black furniture and a more relaxed tone.

Always zone open-plan layouts

Create light and shade areas to make open-plan spaces cozier. You can mix up layers of light and work to highlight specific architectural features with accent lighting. The key is to not over-light areas that do not require much illumination.


Use brighter whites in areas where function lighting is needed and a softer hue when mood lighting is required. If you think there is a crossover between the two, dimmer switches are your best friend.

Layer the lighting

Layering is vital for any living room lighting idea, no matter the size of your space or if you are going for a modern or country look. Layering is key to any successful scheme as long as you account for all activities and moods. 


A bright, white overhead light is great for blanket brightness, but a pale floor lamp or dimmed wall lights will create ambiance. Small reading lights are also great for focus time. When you have options, there is so much more you can do in your space to optimize how you use it.

Pick a sculptural style

Lighting isn't always solely practical. Use it artistically by adding a sculptural lamp (of any colored bulb) to add a new dimension to your surfaces. Allow the lamp to become a focal point of the area.


When doing this, ensure that you keep the color tone in line with your other decorative items to guarantee a cohesive feel.

Think about the other ambient elements of the space

Creating a specific feel in your living room isn't just about lighting. You need other elements to work with the tone your lighting sets for a truly immersive experience when in the room. For example, adding essential oils and oil lamp diffusers can help create specific energy while offering additional health benefits. You should also consider  installing blinds on your windows.

Design your space to enjoy your space

The lighting and other elements of your living room are vitally important to ensure you create a comfortable space in which you want to spend time. Planning and thinking about these things to ensure a cohesive outcome makes you more likely to relax when in the space, getting the most out of your time at home.



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