5 Captivating Ways to Add Color to Your Home

Color psychology shows that colors make a big impact on your mood and behavior. When you see a bright yellow, your attention and mood become energized. When you walk into a room with a deep blue hue, on the other hand, you’ll find yourself much more relaxed. If you want to feel a shift in your mood when you enter your house, take a look at these different ways to add color to your home. From adding red stools in your kitchen for power or painting a bedroom wall purple to spark imagination, these color addition ideas allow you to create the mood you want.

Add Some Mother Nature

There are many different ways to add color to the home, and one of the simplest ways is quite small: add some plants and flowers. These tiny sparks of color give the space more energy and promotes bursts of the mood you’re trying to invoke. You also don’t want to give off a bad vibe with dead plants, so if you don’t have a green thumb, get plants and flowers that don’t require much attention.

Paint an Accent Wall

If you don’t feel up to completely repainting a room, opt for an accent wall instead. As we stated above, you have the ability to paint the mood you want, and an accent wall is one small step in the direction of controlling a space’s mood. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

  • Paint a high-vaulted entrance ceiling yellow
  • Paint the wall the TV is mounted on a deep blue
  • Paint a wall in your child’s room their favorite color
  • Paint a wall in your bedroom lavender

Get a Statement Furniture Piece

Another one of our favorite ways to bring color into a space is through a statement piece of furniture. For instance, you can reupholster your dining room chairs with a deep red fabric or get a cool blue couch for the family room. It can shift the entire focus of the room, putting an emphasis on the mood and personality you’re trying to create for the space.

Utilize Colorful Pillows and Blankets

Everyone’s favorite way to add color the home is through the simple act of incorporating some colorful pillows and blankets. Probably the best part about this tip is that you can switch out the items through the seasons or as your mood changes. Go for cooler colors in the winter and warmer colors once the seasons shift. The versatility is what it makes this tip so simple for any homeowner.

Layer Color for Maximum Mood Creation

If you really want to transform the mood of your space, then layer color utilizing the different tips we listed above. The more accent colors you can add into your space, the more you can take advantage of the mood. Pair an accent wall with a couch in the same color. Grow plants and flowers that match the colors of the walls—you’ll love the extra touch of color it adds to your space.


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