5 Best Ways to Keep Things Organised in Your Walk-In Closet

Having a walk-in closet in your home can be a blessing or a curse, depending on how you maintain it. It is surely a blessing for fashionistas, providing the much-needed space for storing all the clothes, shoes and accessories. However, to use its whole potential, ‌keep your walk-in closet well organised. The necessity to store so many things in there and make them accessible makes the organization of such a closet challenging. We’ve put together some of the best ways to keep things organised in your walk-in closet.


You should start with getting rid of unnecessary items, as you surely possess such stuff. Then, you should make really good use of the space and keep things accessible. To help save space, you could put away season clothes. Moreover, you need to be creative and use all kinds of boxes, containers, hooks and racks for better organization.


1.Get rid of unnecessary items

We all surely have tons of things. And of those tons of things, we actually use a small number of items. We tend to accumulate so many things in our closets, which leads to disorganization and chaos. And when our closet is disorganised, we can’t see all the things we have and it’s more difficult to mix and match items. So, start your closet organization by getting rid of unnecessary items. That includes things you haven’t worn for one season at least, ripped, unfit or simply things you don’t see yourself in. That will help you clear out space for things you do wear. You can recycle some clothes, donate them or even sell them.


2.Make good use of the space


Some walk-in closets are smaller, while some are bigger. Regardless of the size, you should try to make good use of the space. Consider the layout and whether you’d change something for it to be more functional and practical. Search online for some organization hacks and see what you can place where. You should have shelves, either open or closed, racks, rods, hooks and other things - more on their use later on. Don’t forget to use the space vertically as well. Have in mind the things you have to make the best use of space. Some of us need more hanging space, while others need more shelves. For example, if you buy wholesale clothing items, such as t-shirts in different colours and in bulks, designate appropriate space for storing them.


3.Keep things accessible

The whole idea of a well-organised closet is accessibility. To make things accessible, consider the items you wear most frequently. Put them in some prominent spots you can easily reach. However, we can’t make everything accessible, so we need to make some priorities. You can, for instance, organise things by category and colour as well. Keeping things accessible is especially important when it comes to smaller items, such as jewellery. Find a way to organise and display it for easier access.


4.Put away seasonal clothes

Most of the people who have built-in closets don’t have enough space for storing all the clothes, including seasonal ones. There is perhaps enough space for that in some really large closets. So, a great organization hack suggests putting away all the seasonal clothes in some boxes. And then just, when there is a season change, switch the clothing. You can put them away in boxes on top of the closet or under the bed, for example.


5.Use boxes, containers, hooks and racks for organization

There are all kinds of boxes, containers, hooks, rods and racks you can use to perfect your walk-in closet. Observe your closet and the things you have. Search online for some ideas on organization. Measure the space, and find some suitable boxes and baskets that fit in perfectly. You can use all of these to keep your shoes, scarves, jewellery and other accessories organised. For example, you can use hooks to organise your long booth and hooks for organizing your belts. Also, you can get some jewellery boxes as well as jewellery racks for your precious accessories. As far as drawers are concerned, you can also get some drawer organisers to keep underwear and ties organised.


Organizing your closet well takes some time and for the best results, creativity and resourcefulness. Luckily for us, we live in such a world where much information is readily available to us, so we can the internet for inspiration.

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