4 Wonderfully Unexpected Ways to Use Lighting in Your Home

You may not realize it, but lighting plays a massive role in your home. It’s not just for bringing light to the darkness, but it can shift a room’s entire mood, showcase specific areas, and elevate your home’s personality. Sadly, many people don’t realize how much of a role lighting can play in their home’s personality and stick to the basics—table lamps, overhead lights, maybe a reading light. But there’s a wealth of lighting knowledge that’s left untapped in these homes that can end up showcasing a whole new world to your home.

Curious? Take a look at some of our favorite unexpected ways to use lighting in your home—from chandeliers in bathrooms to pendants in the bedroom, these are the fixtures you should work into the lighting plan for your home!

Add a Chandelier to the Bathroom

For a long time, people thought of chandelier as a classy addition to the dining room or entranceway. But now, it’s turned into a multi-faceted piece that can even be used in the bathroom. Make your master bathroom an elegant retreat and add in a chandelier—or two! You’ll still want other solid lighting pieces, but these work as a wonderful way to introduce some ambient lighting to the space. Choose a piece that fits your space and where you plan on hanging it. Longer lengths can cascade through the space in the corner, but use shorter pieces if you have lower ceilings.

Use Pendants as Bedside Lamps

Like we mentioned above, pendants are a great way to spruce up your bedroom. Say goodbye to the tired tableside lamps and say hello to the beauty of a cheerful pendant. These hanging pendants free up table space and add another dimension to a room that most are missing. There are many different styles to choose from as well, so you know you can get something to match the room’s personality. Make sure to hire someone for installation—it won’t be nearly as relaxing if the pendants are uneven!

Think of Lighting as Artwork

This is an idea we love—lighting as artwork. Many people can get trapped in the mindset that lighting is for one use only, and that’s to provide light. However, the idea of lighting as artwork can showcase your room in an entirely different way. Design a lively piece with different sconces in a pattern along the wall. Line a room with pendants—you don’t have to stick to one lighting fixture per room. In fact, you shouldn’t, especially if you want to highlight the room’s personality!

Go Big!

Another one of our favorite unexpected ways to use lighting in your home has to do specifically with the size lighting you use. It’s a simple idea really—pick out the size you think would fit your room, and then go a size or two bigger. Get a statement chandelier; get more and bigger glass-blown pendants than you think. Bigger lights are often unexpected, but they can really anchor your room!

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