4 Ways to Upgrade Your Garage and Maximize Space

For most of us, our garages are the biggest storage area we have. It's a place for all of our outdoor equipment, the items we plan to donate and sell, and anything else that can't fit into the closets and recesses of our homes. But this creates a problem if you've used the garage as a storage room so much that you can't even park your car.


A messy garage doesn't just mean it's harder to find things when you need them. It also means added stress and higher chances of pest problems or fire hazards. Not to mention, failing to take care of your garage could hurt your house's property value.


If you're worried about the state of your garage and are looking for ways to upgrade it and maximize space, here are a few tips.

Purge trash and donations

Purging and decluttering always seems impossible until it's done. You've probably thought about purging the items in your garage numerous times. However, when you look at the expanse of boxes, gear, tools, and kid toys, it's overwhelming.


But, the key to decluttering is to start. Choose a day when you don’t have a lot of plans, and dedicate time to your garage. Take everything out of the garage and place it in your driveway so you can see what you have.


Start putting trash in trash bags, and immediately put items you want to give away or donate in the back of your car so you can take them to a donation center. If there are items you've been wanting to sell, list them online that same day. If they don't sell quickly, donate them. Be ruthless and firm in your decision-making when deciding what to keep. It's much easier to organize when you start with less.


Once you've cleared out everything you don't want, you should be left with the items you want to keep. Now, it's time to create storage systems that work.

Use your vertical space

A great hack to upgrade your garage and maximize space is to use your wall space. There are numerous storage systems you can purchase that allow you to hang bikes vertically, install shelves vertically, and more.


Most garages have high ceilings, so take advantage of them. There are even storage solutions you can mount from the ceiling, which are perfect for lesser-used items like Christmas decorations.


By getting boxes, bikes, storage containers, and decorations off the ground and onto a shelf, you can clear your floor space. This should help you create enough space to park your car, without having to renovate the structure of the garage itself.

Create zones

The next step is to organize the items you want to keep into zones. Use clear storage containers when doing so. That way, you can find what you need fast.


Assess what you have so you know what type of zones you need to create. Do you have a ton of sporting equipment, tools, or kid toys? Group those items together to determine how many storage containers you need. Also, consider which members of your family need to access them.


Place the items in clear boxes, and label them. Then, create a zone for them. Zones with children's items should be closer to the ground where they can access their outdoor toys, helmets, and more.


Lesser-used items and seasonal decorations can go higher up in zones you don't need to access as often. Nails, screws, and larger power tools can be stored together, whether they're near a workbench or on a higher shelf if you have smaller children. Another great solution for tools is a pegboard. You can even outline each tool on your pegboard so you always remember which tool goes where.


You can have as many or as few zones as you want. The key is to create a system that everyone in your family can understand and use. This way, everyone can put things back where they belong, and you can keep your garage organized.

Beautify the space

The ultimate way to upgrade any space is to beautify it. Consider investing a little extra to make it a truly usable and enjoyable space to be. For example, add an epoxy floor to make your garage more visually appealing. Or, invest in custom cabinetry so you can select exactly the right size for your space.


If you use tools often and choose to create a workstation, you can also buy or build a workbench with wheels so you can roll it to the center of the garage to work and back in place to store it. Using high-quality materials and countertops on a rolling workbench or rolling storage can create a useful and beautiful space.


When you buy storage boxes, choose sturdy ones that are clear. Then, take the time to print labels. You can even use different colored labels to mark the different zones you've created in your garage. This is another simple way you can make your garage a part of your home that makes you proud.


While a real estate agent might not advise you to overspend or over-improve a garage space, taking the extra time to beautify it will encourage you to keep it tidy. It also might entice buyers who want a nice garage space should you ever decide to sell your home.

Taking the leap

It might seem overwhelming to even think of emptying out, decluttering, and organizing your garage, but this is typically a task you can accomplish in a weekend or two. If you've been storing items in your garage for years and just want it to be empty, go ahead and take on the project.


Whether you create a gorgeous storage system or a perfectly organized workstation, upgrading your garage can help bring order and calm to your household. You'll be surprised at how quickly you can upgrade your space — and how good you'll feel when it's done.


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