4 Ways to Make Your Home Remote Work-friendly

As more people find themselves working remotely from home, they sometimes realize they have to make some changes to accommodate their new situation. A home is no longer just a place to eat and unwind but can double as an office space or gym. If you're looking to increase the versatility of your domicile, here are some upgrades to consider.

Go Outside

If you've had a particularly frustrating work day, you might need a minute to calm down and recenter yourself. The easiest solution is to just step outside. Adding a deck to your home can create a calming space to read or meditate before returning to your computer.

Whether you just need a quick vacation from work or want to "work out," a pool is a versatile reprieve from the daily grind. While inground additions can be a little pricey, acquiring pool financing can put them within everyone's reach.

If you have a spacious backyard but don't think your family would use a deck or pool, building an "in-law suite" might be a better alternative. These are small additions that can be attached to your home or be their own building where friends (or in-laws!) can stay when visiting.

Wash Up 

Whether you're brushing your teeth before bed or washing your face in the morning, if you're home more you and your spouse might find yourselves constantly in a battle for control of the bathroom. Installing a double-sink vanity will give you both the space to get ready at the same time, as well as provide storage for your unique grooming products. If you find you don't have enough room for a double-sink vanity but aren't a fan of taking baths, you can create space by replacing your tub with a standing shower.

Working from home likely means you're using your bathroom more, so you may want to consider upgrading your shower heads and toilets to low-flow options. This isn't only great for the environment, but your water bill.

Make Space

Most multi-level homes have basements and attics, but they tend to be drafty, unfinished spaces only suitable for storing boxes. By adding insulation and flooring, you can treat yourself to a new private office or recreation room. Similarly, homeowners have chosen to convert covered porches, taking the "bare bones" structures and fleshing them out into cozy, practical rooms. Some homeowners have even given their walk-in pantries new life as office space.

If you have nooks or corners that are too small or awkward to use as functional floor space, they could be a great place to create built-in shelving. If there's hollow space under your stairs that isn't big enough for a proper closet, consider installing shelves or drawers.

Get Cooking

When it comes to the kitchen, your unique needs should dictate whether you expand or shrink the space. If you found yourself getting takeout less and cooking your own meals more, you might want to convert nearby closets into pantries or install new cabinets onto bare expanses of walls to create more kitchen storage.

By moving the sink to a corner, you can free up your counters to create more usable workspace. However, if such a renovation is too expensive, an added island can just as easily add some elbow room ensuring no one has to wait.

If you live in a warmer climate or enjoy a good barbeque during the summer months, creating an outdoor kitchen space will give you an exciting new venue to entertain your family and host guests. Also, additions such as brick ovens and smokers can lead to new culinary inspiration.

Home renovations increase your quality of life, but they can also boost the resale value of your home. When picking out permanent fixtures it's better to go with traditional styles rather than something unique. If you want quirky customization, use wallpaper, art, and furniture to do so, as they can easily and inexpensively be removed in the event you wish to sell your home.

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