4 Great Additions for Your Home

You may be interested in improving your home for several reasons. Maybe you want to make some changes to things that cost too much or fix items that aren't overly safe, or perhaps you simply want to alter something because you don't find it aesthetically appealing.

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to alter your house, there are many ways to better your abode. Here are four great home additions you should consider investing in.

1. Install Solar Panels

Paying your electric bill can leave you struggling until you get your next paycheck. Think about everything that goes into the cost – lighting, appliances, heating. Financially, you may be hurting even more in the winter, as most people use more energy.

If you want to cut this cost back, consider having a certified Tesla Powerwall installer position solar panels at your residence. The best spots for these panels are on your house roof or on mounted racks in your yard. On sunny days, you'll likely produce more energy than you'll use. Additionally, you'll get money back with federal tax credits and local or state rebates. 

2. Put in a Security System

Whether you intend to protect your family from harm or your goods from theft, installing a home security system should do the trick. Fortunately, it can offer you much more than just burglary protection.

If you get a package with cameras, you can monitor your home when you're away on vacation or at work. Strategically aim the cameras so you can see what's most important to you, including your porch and yard. For example, you'll be able to tell if packages were shipped to your front door or whether the garbage truck took your trash. Additionally, you'll be able to see if anyone is lurking on your property or near your front door.

Also, you can opt to choose a system that offers an emergency alert pendant, which is beneficial for someone who is elderly or sick. For instance, if your elderly father lives with you and falls while you're away, he'll be able to use his pendant to get help immediately.

3. Get Smoke Alarms

Much like security systems, smoke alarms can save your family from impending danger. One alarm should be placed on every house level and bedroom. You should also make sure you put one outside of each bedroom so the alarm alerts the person who is sleeping faster. 

It's better to get a system that is interconnected rather than separate entities. If the alarms are wired together, it will set them all off when one gets triggered, making the sound easier to hear throughout the entire house. 

For the ultimate home protection, consider using smoke alarms that detect carbon monoxide. Also, don't forget to keep fire extinguishers on every floor of your home and in areas where a fire is more likely to occur. 

4. Enclose Your Porch

If you love hanging out on your porch, but the winter temperatures or summer bugs keep you inside, you may find that closing in the space can help. Rather than going with the conventional makeup of walls with a few windows, you might be happier with a room composed primarily of windows. This setup will allow you to take in the beauty of the great outdoors. If you want some fresh air in addition, you'll need to install screens on a few of the windows. 

As long as it's heated, this room will enable you to watch flurries fly by in the winter. Plus, an indoor porch will add an extra layer of security between the front door and the outside world, which will give you peace of mind if you're home alone.

If you want to make changes to your home but don't think you can afford to, look into personal loans or refinancing your mortgage. After all, it's much cheaper to add the things you want to your house rather than buying a new home that has everything already in place. After seeing the differences these additions make, you'll be happy you invested in the changes.

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