30 Home Security Tips to Protect You from Burglary

Every year, tens of thousands of thefts occur across the country. Burglars access properties in a variety of ways, from breaking the door lock up to access them through the window or balcony. Furthermore, some of them break into peoples’ homes while they are asleep, which often leads to a disastrous outcome. Do you know how to keep your home safe from robbers?

Thieves are becoming more professional as time goes by. The top sites on security statistics indicate that they frequently operate in groups and employ cutting-edge technologies.

They also purchase radios, phones with new numbers, and locks with various key configurations in preparation for a theft. You must take serious preventive measures to protect your property from them.

What Are Some Ways A Homeowner Can Prevent A Burglary?

Even if you undertake comprehensive research with the help of top writing reviews services, you will be unable to evaluate the efficiency of all preventive measures until you see them in action.

1. Window Grate

Consider installing window grids if your apartment is on the first or last floor, close to fire stairs and gutters.

2. Get Blackout Curtains

Although blackout curtains are needed in hotels, you might think about getting one as well. What is the point of doing so?

The solution is easy to understand: thieves frequently monitor the apartment they like through the windows before committing a crime. Therefore, tighten the curtains more firmly, especially in the evenings.

3. Professional Home Security Gadgets

Install security equipment such as video monitoring, alarms, and sensors that detect the opening of windows and doors.

4. A Good Neighbour Keeps An Eye On His Neighbours

Make an agreement with your neighbours to care for each other’s homes while you are away. There will almost certainly be freelancers or elderly people among your neighbours who spend most of their time working at the window or in the yard.

5. Lock Before You Leave

Lock your doors and windows even if you are going to be gone for only 5 minutes. Everything can happen during this time.

6. Maintain The Cleanliness Of Your Garden

Trim the branches of plants and trees regularly to make it difficult for thieves to hide.

7. Always Get New Keys

If you are not accustomed to losing personal items, then if you lose your keys, you should consider when and how this occurred. It is possible that someone stole them on purpose. Therefore, you should replace the door locks right away.

8. Always Check The Mailbox

Take your mail out of the box regularly. A mailbox stuffed with newspapers, letters with accounts, and advertising flyers indicate that the owners are either not at home or are unconcerned about keeping the property in order. As a result, they can leave the door, window, garage, etc. open.

9. Keep Earnings In A Bank

Large sums of money should be put in a bank or locked away in a safe. Remember that what appears to be reliable to you may be routine for experienced burglars.

So, the top ten places where citizens hide their savings (will be checked first by burglars) are as follows:

  • Linens and clothing;
  • Furniture;
  • Musical instruments;
  • Books;
  • DVDs,
  • Photo albums;
  • Cabinets;
  • Kitchen utensils;
  • Beds, mattresses;
  • Paintings, mirrors;
  • Holes in the floor;
  • Drain tanks.

10. Close It All

Close the curtains when you leave the house, especially if you reside on the ground floor and there are no window bars. A passing stranger may not be who he appears to be. Thieves meticulously research what and where an apartment is worth, the best way to enter the house, and the gear to employ.

11. Maintain Proper Organization

Take away the ladders and other instruments that burglars can use to access your home.

12. No Extra-Keys Under The Carpet

Extra keys should never be left under the mat, in a flowerpot, or a mailbox; criminals know where to search for them.

13. Be Cautious With Phone Calls

Although most people no longer use traditional telephones, they are nevertheless installed in certain homes. Be alert if you have one and frequently receive calls from strangers who normally remain silent or pretend to be mistaken. Attackers frequently use this method to determine when you are not at home.

14. Record Videos

A video camera on the stairwell can aid in catching the thief and exposing the apartment theft. Furthermore, if you live in an apartment complex, video from your camera may be useful if a neighbour is robbed. You will be able to determine whether or not the same visitors entered your house regularly.

15. Replace Your Door

The front door is the most typical route for attackers to gain access to an apartment. It is important to note that there are no doors or locks that completely safeguard the space from theft. A good door is one that takes the most time to open for the attacker.

16. Get A Good Steel Door

A steel door is the greatest solution, but for it to be truly tough to shatter, distort, or cut, many characteristics must be considered.

The stronger the strength of the steel sheets, the thicker they are. A door with a sheet thickness of 2-3 mm is appropriate for installation in an apartment building, and a door with a sheet thickness of 3 mm is preferable for country houses.

17. Get A Dog

Burglars will be hesitant to target your property if it is guarded by a large or vicious dog with a commanding demeanour. Distracting a dog takes time, and thieves will surely be noticed during this time.

18. Protect The Lock Area

The area around the locks is the most vulnerable part of the door. Therefore, it is better to secure it with an armoured plate or an additional steel sheet.

19. Watch Your Social Media

Criminals can hunt you down on social media, which may surprise you a lot. Many people take photos of their valuables, such as expensive autos, clothes, jewellery, and artefacts, at home. As a result, burglars are drawn to you and things that are there in your home. Therefore, when taking a selfie, pay attention to what is in the background.

20. Set Up An Alarm System

Alarms are typically implemented as an add-on to other security systems. This is one of the most effective and audible methods of ensuring the safety of the home. The alert should be intelligent and dependable enough that the attacker does not know how to disable it.

21. Imitation Of Lighting

Experienced burglars spend much time watching the flat to ensure that the owners are not at home. If the apartment lights are not turned on in the evenings and there is much press in the box, it is time to act. A sophisticated timer-controlled system enables you to turn on lighting in different rooms at night, simulating your presence and preventing robbery.

22. Good Lighting Around The House

Motion sensors should be installed in some light sources. When the burglars decide to enter your home area, a light will turn on, and you will see him.

23. Extra Power Supply

If the robbers de-energize the residence, the house alarm should have a backup power supply.

24. Fence It All

Another barrier to the house would be a high fence with a guarded gate.

25. Keep Your Kids Informed

Your children should learn not to open the door to strangers, chat with them on the phone, or reply to questions from strangers in the street. Furthermore, parents should not reveal to their children where they keep money and valuables.

26. Get Insurance

Property insurance is an option for those who are concerned about their property and the possibility of being robbed while on vacation.

27. Keep Your Vacation A Secret From Everyone

You should not inform all of your friends that you will be away for an extended period as this news may reach burglars.

28. Mislead Burglars

Pretend you have a dog if you do not have one. Hang the “Caution, evil dog” sign on the front and back gates. Install a gadget that emits dog barking on the signal.

29. Set False Video Cameras


Professional video cameras are expensive. Camera dummies, on the other hand, are also an effective deterrent to inexperienced burglars.

30. Hang Linen

Leave laundered linen on the balcony or in the backyard. It may give the robber the impression that you are still at home.

Final Thoughts

Using preventative measures and our advice, you will be able to transform your home into a fortress, safeguarding everyone who lives inside. Upgrade your home security system and take the necessary precautions to eliminate the chance of a burglary. Finally, if you need some pointers on how to do it correctly, visit Billy.com to find competent security services in your neighbourhood.


MD: Learn about home security techniques that can help you keep burglars out of your home or apartment. While going on vacation, make sure your home is a fortified stronghold.

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