3 Ways to Transform Your Kitchen

For those who love to cook, a big kitchen may quickly become a favorite spot within their home. Some people have big families or love to host their family and friends, so a large kitchen to accommodate this is ideal. The kitchen can easily be a center point of a home, helping to gather your loved ones together over a meal. Kitchen renovations can increase the value of a home while also making the space more functional and enjoyable to your needs. Whether you already have a big kitchen, or you are dreaming of having one soon, here are some tips for making the most of a spacious kitchen.

1. Appliances 

During any home improvement process, appliances are typically considered. With a large kitchen, having a double oven gives you more space to bake multiple big dishes without having to worry if they are cooking evenly or staggering cooking due to different baking temperature needs for certain dishes. It would be most beneficial if you opted for reliable restaurant equipment you will use frequently as you are making your decisions. If you do not need new appliances, a thorough cleaning can leave your stainless-steel pieces looking as shiny as the day you brought them home. Taking care of the items in your kitchen can increase the longevity of the product and help to make your kitchen look its best.

2. Organize

The organization of your home is key and can make a significant difference in a large kitchen. A spacious pantry and loads of cupboard space are wonderful, but they will be even better if you spend the time to properly organize and store the items. The counter space will look more expansive when it is not cluttered. A good, organized approach that only leaves visible a few items that you use daily, such as a coffee maker, will make your kitchen seem bigger and your counter space more noticeable. Larger appliances can go into the pantry to help keep the counters clear.

Place similar items together and try to focus on proximity. You do not want to have to cross the entire kitchen to grab a coffee mug and then walk back to your coffee pot. The Home Edit has tons of helpful ideas to get your home organized. Storage containers, dividers and baskets can help to maximize the space you do have. The hardest part is starting the process, but once it is complete you will be so happy you did it.

3. Kitchen Island

Island space is popular in the kitchen, as it can play many roles. Some individuals design their kitchens to have a sink or other items built into the island. Stovetops are also a popular addition to kitchen islands. It all depends on how you would best utilize that extra space. You can use it for food prep, as part of the cooking station by installing a cooktop surface, for extra seating or for storage.

No matter how you need to use the space, it is a great idea to consider the addition of electrical outlets along the side of the island. They can be discreetly placed so that they are not very noticeable. A common location is right under the countertop or on the side of the island base. This nifty little addition to your island will allow you to do anything ranging from plug-in appliances if you were going to serve food from the island or charging laptops if the space transforms into a workstation or homework desk as the day progresses.

The majority of us spend a lot of time in our homes. If you enjoy cooking, creating the kitchen of your dreams can help make that time at home even more special. You can whip up delicious dinners and then enjoy being surrounded by your loved ones as they eat and bond. Kitchen needs will vary depending on personal taste and situations, but the organization, cleanliness and careful selection can help transform any kitchen space.

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