2024 Roadmap: Essential Facts for Smooth Auto Shipping

Auto Shipping is an economically intelligent option for inter-state, long-distance, and international moves. However, it requires significant thought and research to transition smoothly.  A car is people's most expensive belongings, and safely transporting it to your new house is as important as other items.

Shipping autos is more challenging than moving the rest of your goods. It requires much crucial knowledge about different types of auto transport companies and how the process works. Understanding all the processes and options before starting your auto-shipping process is essential.

Billy.com is a team of digital marketing geniuses that work continuously to make your life easier. We have created a complete roadmap for auto shipping, including all the information and options you need to move in 2024. Our guide will take you through every step, from preparing your vehicle and selecting the right auto shipper to receiving it at the final destination.

What is Auto Shipping?

Auto-shipping is a process that allows movers to transport your vehicle from your old place to your new destination. Auto transporters use trucks and ships to deliver their customer's cars statewide, nationwide, or worldwide during a move. This service can also be used when driving a car is almost impossible. Auto shipping services can also be hired to deliver and receive vehicles bought online.

Auto Shippers Types:

Two types of auto-shipping service providers are car carriers and auto transport brokers. Knowing the exact type of auto transport can make shipping your car easier. We suggest you give each type sufficient thought and select the one that fits your moving budget most conveniently. Below, we have provided you with information about the types of auto shippers that are available in your neighborhood:

  • Car Carriers: A car carrier has its trucks or fleets of trucks to ship their customer’s vehicles independently. Whereas auto transport brokers do not have their trucks.
  • Auto Transport Broker: They work as middlemen who link customers to potential car carrier options. You can select any car transport service that fits your budget most conveniently.

Delivery Services:

Auto-shipping service providers give their customers a few options according to their needs. Knowing the exact type of delivery service will help you be more confident and specific about your car shipment needs. Below, we have explained the types of auto-shipping delivery methods available that will assist you in choosing wisely:

  • Door-to-Door Delivery: In this delivery method, the auto shippers pick up the vehicle from the client's current location and deliver it safely and legally to the required destination. The delivery place can also be a major road or a parking lot near your desired location, depending on the weight and size limits of the truck.
  • Terminal-to-Terminal Delivery: Another suitable and economical delivery option for clients is terminal-to-terminal. This option lets customers choose centralized pickup and drop-off points for their car delivery. These terminals are usually an auto shipping company’s operating base or warehouses in cities.

Transport Types:

Auto Shippers also provide their clients with a range of transportation options. Individuals can choose from these transportation types according to their accessibility. Below, we have provided details about the types of auto-shipping transportation:

  • Open Auto Transport: This economical car shipping option can easily transport your autos. Typical transport carriers can fit between eight and ten vehicles. It allows multiple pickups and deliveries on a planned shipping route.  This transportation option is a life saver in raising fuel prices as it splits additional costs among several clients.
  • Enclosed Auto Transport: Enclosed car shipping is an excellent alternative for customers prioritizing their vehicle's protection. This type of shipping utilizes either a hard-sided or soft-sided trailer that shields your vehicle from road hazards and harsh weather conditions like hail or sleet. It's a perfect option for classic cars or luxury vehicles, but it usually comes with a higher price tag, up to 50% more expensive than open auto shipping.

9 Must-Known Facts for Smooth Auto Shipping in 2024:

Auto Shipping can take care of everything from picking up your vehicle to delivery to a new place.

However, there are certain things that you need to take care of before starting your auto-shipping process. Below, we have provided you with some efficient tips that will make your moving process more fluent:

Prepare Car for Move:

If you're planning to ship your car, it's essential to take some time to prepare it beforehand. This will ensure that the process goes smoothly and that your vehicle arrives at its destination in good condition. We suggest keeping certain things in mind, like removing personal items or valuables.

Another tip to prepare your car is to ensure the gas tank is no more than a quarter full and document any existing damage. You'll be able to help your auto movers transport your car safely and efficiently by preparing your vehicle beforehand.

Clean Your Vehicle:

The most efficient tip to make your auto transportation smooth is to clean your car. This will give your vehicle a fresh look and wash away any impurities, allowing movers to load your vehicle professionally.

Take your time, clean the car's interior, and remove anything dangerous during transport. This will clean your vehicle and hide dings, scratches, and dents.

Remove Car Gadgets:

Removing car gadgets is essential as they can be hazardous to your car during transport. Before your auto shippers arrive, take out any electronics or gadgets installed in the vehicle. These items include air fresheners, spare change cans, cables, chargers, wires, LED screens, and a car WIFI system.

Your car gadgets have batteries and hard drives installed between them that have a high explosive rate to the vehicle transport heat.

Disable the Alarm:

Another great hack to make your auto transportation easier is to turn off your car alarm. The advanced car security system includes an intelligent alarm in case of theft.  However, setting off your car alarm during auto-shipping is mandatory as it requires a lot of lifting and loading.

Your car security system could tip off during your move's transport process, distorting the work of your loaders or truck driver.

Avoid Fuel:

During auto-shipping, your car is not being driven, so you don’t need to fill your take. It is highly suggested to avoid fueling up before loading.

Filling your car tank before moving can make your car heavier and more challenging to load. Moreover, the additional weight increases the risk of damage, so we suggest leaving little fuel in so it will be easier to transport it to your new place at delivery time.

Look out for Leaks:

Leaks can make your auto-transportation very difficult if left unchecked. Any leak in the tire can result in hazardous circumstances. Also, the moving companies will not continue your auto shipping process if they find any aggressive leak in the vehicle. It is highly recommended that you check the undercarriage of your car before you ask the mover to load it.

Moreover, if your car leaks, it can do specific damage to the cars/trucks, spilling transmission fluid all over another vehicle.

Check Pressures on Tires:

Under-inflated or over-inflated tires are just as risky in transport as on the road. Not having your tires properly inflated could increase the risk of damage to the tire. An unchecked tire pressure can damage your vehicle while loading and unloading.

Lock Your Car:

After checking everything and taking all the necessary precautions, it's time to ensure everything remains in its place. Check everything thing and lock your car so no one can open it. Securely lock your car doors and put the keys in a safe place.

Estimated of Auto Shipping:

Auto-shipping is a very tricky and expensive service to avail from mover companies. According to sources, car shipping costs $0.60 to $1.70 per mile. However, several factors can affect your auto-shipping's total cost, including weight, distance, customization, and transportation method.

The price also varies on the company you choose, as some mover start their auto service from as little as $550, and some start their moving plans from $1,150, going as higher as $2,450.

Where to Find Reliable Auto Shipping Services?

Finding the right auto-shipping service is the key to successfully transporting your vehicle, whether it's across the state or the globe. Below, we have provided you with leading options to find auto shipping services:


Billy.com is your go-to choice for finding reliable, economical, and premium services. The website is highly trusted and works in all central states of the country. This company has been working in the moving sector for over a decade and has the highest number of customers and referral numbers.

The website provides exceptional customer service, timely delivery, and affordable quotes. Billy is your reliable partner for finding background-checked, economical, and exceptional services in your neighborhood. The company specializes in relocation services, including local, long-distance, international, and full-service moves.

You can also avail of customized services like Moving Labor, trucks, and Auto Shipping. They have a team of experienced professionals who can handle all your moving needs, regardless of size. To get economical bids for auto-shipping, keep reading.


HireBestPros is a well-known website offering premium services to clients, resulting in a maximum customer satisfaction rate. The platform has developed a unique database that provides the top three leading service provider options for every niche, from home improvement to moving finance.

This website is an excellent tool for finding real-time solutions to everyday problems. They conduct a rigorous screening process and only select premium service providers to put on their top three lists. They are available 24/7, ready to listen, and provide budget-friendly, legitimate, and premium solutions for any problem.


MoversNearMe is a third but very convenient option for finding top-rated auto shipping services. It’s a reliable website that offers moving solutions for every type of move, whether significant, small, near, far, residential, or commercial.

They have teams of skillful professionals who understand your unique and distinctive moving needs. They offer a wide range of moving services, including long-distance/local/international and full-service moves. They assist in moving everything from planning, organizing, packing, and loading to unpacking.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is Auto-Shipping?

Ans: Auto-shipping is a service that allows a mover to ship your vehicle from your current place to a new destination.

Q2. Do Auto-shippers include insurance in their estimates?

Ans: Many auto-shipping companies also include insurance coverage in their estimate.

Q3. Does my car have to be in working condition for Auto-shipping?

Ans: No, your car doesn't need to be in working condition, as the maximum number of auto-movers ship cars that are not moving.

Q4. Can I auto-ship more than one vehicle?

Ans: You can ship more than one car, as a shipping trailer can carry up to 8 to 10 other vehicles.

Q5. Do auto transporters also ship motorcycles?

Ans: It is common for shippers to transport motorcycles on behalf of their clients.


Auto-shipping is the most popular option to relocate your car to a new destination. It can be an attractive option if you need help to drive your car to your new house. These companies use custom carriers specially designed to transit cars and avoid damage.

This blog offers a comprehensive guide to auto shipping that covers everything you need to know to move your vehicle in 2024. Our roadmap will walk you through each process stage, from preparing your car and choosing the best auto transport company to receiving it at your desired location. Visit Billy.com today to find premium auto-shipping services.

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