15 Easy DIY Projects You Can Tackle This Weekend

It’s the weekend, and you probably would have more time on your hand. However, it’s possible that you’re stuck with work to do and you have nothing. Well, we have you covered. Look around your house, and you will find that there are plenty of DIY projects and tasks that you can complete to change the outlook of your home. It doesn’t matter if you have all two days of the weekend free, a few hours, or a few minutes. There are DIY projects in your house that you can do with whatever time you have in your hands. 


Here are 15 easy DIY projects that you can tackle this weekend. 


  1. Paint your wallpapers

If you don’t have the budget to buy expensive wallpaper, worry no more. You can take the time instead to paint wallpaper for yourself. This is a project that you can complete in no time, and it costs almost nothing. What you need depends on the pattern you want to draw on your wall. There are scrap materials that may be useful for this project. Use a pencil to draw the pattern on the wall and paint accordingly. 


  1. Rack out your shed

There are jobs in your house that you’ve been pushing away and overlooking. This is the weekend to do them. One of such is racking out your shed. Once you organize your garden storage, it becomes more joyous to tend to your plot. Your home will benefit greatly from this. 


  1. Repaint an old furniture

You probably have old wooden furniture such as wardrobes, sideboards, or a chest of drawers that disfigures the room with its dated looks. Well, now’s the time to give it some lift by repainting it. This will provide it with a completely new look and make it look less dated. 


  1. Put up shelves

Your home is happier when it is clutter-free. A simple and effective decorating and practical DIY task is to put up shelves so you can free up some space in your room. This is an easy task, and you are likely to delay it, but you shouldn’t. The beautiful result will have you blaming yourself for taking so long to do this.


  1. Recreate your headboard

This is an easy way to brighten your bedroom. All you need is some elbow grease and the weekend, and you’ll make your headboard appear gorgeous. This is an inexpensive project and has a significant impact on your room’s outlook. 


  1. Make a garden signpost. 

This is the best time for you to do this DIY project since we’re now allowed to come out and relate more with others in the garden. You’ll need to use some leftover woods from other indoor projects and the tester pots from the paint that isn’t meant for the wall. 


  1. Make grizzly planters 

This is more ideal for you if you have kids. You can create pot plants that have personality and get the kids involved in them. According to UK Superior papers, You will need air-drying clay that you can get online, as well as acrylic paints and a few sandpapers. 


  1. Use film to transform your doors and windows.

You can quickly get window films to buy online. There are different designs, and you can purchase the ones you like from sites like Screwfix and B&Q. you can use the film to create fluted patterns on your plain glass doors and windows. This gives you more privacy as it covers the window’s bottom half. 


  1. Paint your ceilings 

This will end up being one of the most transformative trends in decoration by the end of this year. Painting your ceiling is you making a significant change to your room to give it a more cozy and dramatic feel and make it look more ‘designer.’ It’s also easily achievable. 


  1. Panel your wall

Wall paneling is another trend in home design that is on the rise. You will find this readily available in many DIY stores as stick-to-the-wall, primed-to-paint panels. However, another way to go at this is to create a bespoke look using strips or MDF batons. While there are several ways to do your wall paneling, it makes sense for you to stick to the simplest ones. 


  1. Hang your photos

Since you have some time on your hands, you can go through your phone’s photos, print some of them, and create a photo wall. Play with composition in areas like the hallways, stairways, and on bare and uninspired walls. To make it look smarter, use photo frames of the same color and print all the photos in black and white or color, rather than mixing it. 


  1. Use vinyl to cover your worktable to give it a marble look.

An easy DIY project that you can embark on is to revamp your coffee table or dining table by giving it a marble look, using a marble effect film. These adhesive films are easy to use, and they stick to the work surface to provide it with an instant new look. 


  1. Build your bookshelves

You need to create more storage for yourself, and it doesn’t have to come at a substantial financial cost or take much time. However, you must be able to secure the shelves before you start to use them. You must ensure that cabinets and shelves are on the same level and are mounted to studs on the wall. Confirm that everything is well secure at this site because movies, and especially books, are heavy. 


  1. Create your custom mirror

You probably have an old and lackluster mirror placed at one corner of your house or room. Well, you can transform this mirror into a masterpiece that you are proud to place in any part of the house, and it isn’t challenging to achieve this. You can quickly turn a wooden mirror into something different using any color of your choice. It is simple. Paint the corners of the mirror with a white paint, leave it to dry before covering it with tape, then use spray paint for the other part of the mirror.


  1. Upgrade your kitchen 

It doesn’t require much from you to upgrade your kitchen. You don’t even have to hire a contractor to help you with it. It doesn’t require lots of spending. One of the easiest ways to transform your kitchen space is by using removable tiles. You only need a weekend to do this task, so it is not that much of a task. The reason why you’re using removable tiles is so that you will be able to remove them and take them along with you once you are leaving or when you are making another change to your kitchen setting.  



DIY projects are what they are – projects that you can take on or do by yourself. Weekends are usually the time when we are free enough to carry out these changes to our home. So before you’re fixed up for this weekend, this article discusses 15 DIY projects that you can do during the weekend. You’ll have yourself to thank with this scout. 


About the author:

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