12 Reasons To Take Your Home Solar

Have you been considering taking your home solar? You've probably heard some of the mixed reviews about solar panel systems over the years. Many people still believe that these systems are too expensive and that their efficiency doesn't outweigh the investment. Just the opposite is true, though. Solar technology is advancing rapidly. These advancements mean that there are increasingly more benefits to harnessing the sun's energy. Renewable energy is the world's future. If you have an opportunity to hop on the bandwagon now, you can begin not only boosting your bank account but also contributing to taking care of the planet. Here are several reasons why you won't regret investing in a solar panel system for your home. 


1. Solar Technology Is Environmentally Friendly

Conventional power produces harmful carbon emissions, unlike solar energy, which produces none. Therefore, a solar power system is very eco-friendly. To put this advantage in perspective, over 15 years, one solar panel system can reduce nearly 90 tons of carbon dioxide. This is the equivalent of approximately five football fields worth of forest area. Traditional power utilizes non-renewable energy sources, such as oil and coal, which destroy the Earth's ozone layer over time. Ozone depletion significantly contributes to global warming. Solar energy only uses natural resources, consequently having no effect on the environment. 


2. Solar Systems Can Significantly Reduce Your Utility Expenses

When you're getting conventional power, you're at the mercy of the utility company; if you want electricity, you have to pay the current cost. That cost also tends to fluctuate inexplicably. You'll have some upfront cost for the solar system itself, but whether you choose to finance or lease, you'll know the exact cost of your bill each month. This will also replace your power bill. Even better, if you purchase the system outright, you won't be paying anything for your energy use. It's essential to consider how much energy you'll need for your home before purchasing solar panels. The size of the panels that will be installed will depend on your consumption needs. In addition to the reduced utility expenses, you can also receive tax credits from the government for installing solar panels. This will make the system itself less expensive to purchase.


3. Solar Systems Can Make You Money

In some instances, you have a chance to make money off your solar system. Your system could be consistently generating excess power, more than you can consume in one month. Many power companies will buy this surplus power, which is pushed back onto the grid. You also have the option to share your excess energy with your neighbors and charge them for the amount they use.


4. Solar Systems Can Help You Be Self Sufficient

With solar panels on your home, you can be completely self-sufficient or simply have a backup source of electricity if the power goes out. A hybrid system can be an excellent choice so that you can be both on and off the grid. 


5. Some Solar Panels Are Portable

Advancements in technology have made it possible to have portable solar panels for even more use. Purchase a rollable solar panel to take camping or with you to any other location where electricity isn't readily available. 


6. Solar Panel Systems Can Help You Afford Additional Improvements

The cost savings that solar panels provide can allow you to invest in other home improvements. You might have always wanted a pool but been hesitant about getting one due to the cost of electricity. Solar panels can provide the energy you need to maintain a pool without adding extra electricity costs. 


7. Solar Panel Systems Work Continuously

Contrary to popular belief, solar panels will work in any climate throughout the year and during all kinds of weather. You may have to clean snow off the panels if you have a lot of snow buildup. Otherwise, they'll always be working to provide your home with clean energy. 


8. Solar Panels Can Help Keep Buildings Cooler

Many people don't know that solar panels can also help keep your home cooler. Solar panels absorb and then deflect the sun's rays from the roof. This will create even more cost savings for you during the summer since you won't have to use the air conditioner as much to cool your home. 


9. Solar Panels Are Durable

When you have solar panels, there's virtually no chance of service interruption. They're incredibly durable since they're not made of moving parts. They're able to withstand harsh weather conditions, including high winds, heavy snow and even hail. Make sure you get high-quality installation and an excellent warranty for even more peace of mind. You're likely to find panels that come with at least a 25-year warranty. 


10. Solar Panels Require Little Maintenance

Solar panels need very little maintenance; they only require an occasional cleaning (two or three times a year) to keep them at optimal efficiency. Your system's inverter may have to be replaced within the first 10 to 15 years since it's continuously working on converting DC to AC power.


11. Solar Technology Can Help Your Community

Investing in solar panels can help create more high-quality, high-paying jobs for people in your community. Most jobs in the solar industry don't require high levels of education, intensive training or even necessarily a college degree. Investing in a solar panel system can make you proud to help in decreasing the unemployment rates of your community and country. 


12. Solar Technology Is Always Advancing 

With the continuous advancement of solar technology, you can upgrade your system throughout its lifetime. While upgrades aren't necessary, they can further improve your system's efficiency. 

Don't be overwhelmed by the initial investment that a solar panel system may require. At first glance, it may seem expensive. However, you're sure to quickly notice that your savings far outweigh the cost of purchasing and installing your system. Besides, you can get savings, such as tax credits, to further help with its affordability. Get on the road to reaping all the benefits of solar panels today. 

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