11 Upgrades You Can Make to Your Property To Add an Element of Charm

You may have the best lot in the neighborhood with great curb appeal and awesome potential, but without the right touch, it won’t feel quite like home. It’s the additional details that give your space character and represent your style. Regardless of your personal panache, here are 11 key upgrades you can make for ultimate comfort with the extra charm that makes you love returning home each day.

1. Kitchen Island With a Bar 

The best part of having a grand kitchen is the opportunity to entertain a lot of friends at once, but unless you have a space for sitting, snacking and drinking, you could find yourself separated from all the fun while you’re working behind the scenes. An island allows you to fellowship with your guests and still pull off an awesome event. Additionally, an island provides extra storage space and more surface area for food prep. Even when you're not hosting a party, your kitchen island serves as a place for the family to gather and bond over Saturday morning pancakes or after-school snacks.

2. A Coffee Bar in the Master Bedroom

Do you like to start your day with a hot cup of joe before your entire household is up and running? That unmistakable aroma is the motivation you need to get up, shower and put on real clothes. A coffee bar in your bedroom may be the perfect addition to your space. You can have the experience of visiting a luxury hotel every day with a single-cup coffee maker and a selection of your favorite fixings.

3. A Roomy Utility Room

Unless you have a magic laundry fairy, you probably spend a good bit of time each week washing, drying and folding clothes. Your dream utility room should include top amenities like cabinets, counter space, a sink, drying racks for delicates, tile flooring and great lighting. As a bonus, prop your front-loading machines on pedestals to make loading and unloading easier on your body and put in an extra island or tall table just for folding. Additionally, a deep farmhouse sink in the mudroom is perfect for rinsing or bathing pets before they tromp through your house with muddy paws.

4. Luxury Furnishings

Even if your square footage is limited, you can up the charm factor with your style. Consider using warm tones against a soft leather sofa, or accenting your room with unique antique pieces. Vintage wall art, light fixtures or accessories make for alluring elements bound to impress your friends and family and make your home a place you never want to leave.

5. Inground Swimming Pool

For a functional and relaxing outdoor oasis, a swimming pool is necessary. A simple search for “pool builders near me” will result in the perfect pool design for your backyard and your personal style. Add charming elements like a fountain or a sunken lounge and don’t forget to accent with gorgeous landscaping and deluxe outdoor furniture. Good luck keeping the entire neighborhood away.

6. A Separate Dressing Room 

Many people may be skeptical about turning a bedroom into a closet, but this is your dream home and you should make it your own. Besides, who doesn’t want to spend quality time lounging on a chaise in front of a wall of designer shoes? Even if that’s not your thing, a large space with dressing room mirrors and excellent lighting may be just what you need to get ready and feel your most confident every day.

7. Rain Shower Head

Sometimes the charm of your home is in the experience rather than the aesthetic. Installing a wide rain shower head in your bathroom allows you to relax and luxuriate as the water flows over your entire body. It feels like you’re standing in a field under a warm rain shower.

8. Textured Walls 

You can do a lot with paint or wallpaper, but there’s just something to be said for a little bit of texture. It adds a depth of character to a room where flat walls are just, well, flat. Texturing your walls is a great way to conceal blemishes or flaws, especially in an older home where it’s difficult to get a smooth wall finish. Plus, it contributes to soundproofing between rooms and if done professionally, can add value to your property.

9. A Finished Garage 

Whether you need a mother-in-law suite, a home gym or a fully stocked sports bar, the garage is a prime space of untapped potential. Convert your garage into livable quarters by covering gaps and beams with drywall and putting in air conditioning. You can also use epoxy paint to cover the floor for extra pizazz. If nothing else, you can paint an accent wall in your garage for a bit of extra curb appeal.

10. A Sunroom

Do you enjoy a nice, quiet space for reading, napping and relaxing throughout the day? A sunroom provides the warmth and sunshine you need to accomplish nothing but self-care in your spare time, and it doesn’t have to match the rest of your house. Your sunroom is an opportunity to play with the trends that speak to you. Adorn your space with oversized throw pillows and exotic art pieces, and go crazy with the style elements that make you smile.

11. A He Shed/She Shed

Whether you need a workspace for your woodworking hobby, extra storage or just a place to hide for a few hours at a time, an outdoor shed is ideal. Paint it to match your house or get a bit more creative. Peruse Pinterest for a whimsical cobblestone pathway leading to the tiny cottage behind your home. Surround the small building with brightly-colored flowers and garden art; maybe even a gnome or two. Outfit the building with a mini air conditioner, TV and a comfy loveseat for the sweetest little getaway right in your own backyard.

Turn your house into your very own fantasy land where you feel so comfortable that the thought of a vacation getaway doesn't stack up to the charm of hanging out at home. 

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