11 Clever Security Gadgets That’ll Make You Feel Safer at Home

AuthFeeling safe is a basic need. Think back to Maslow's hierarchy of needs and breathe a sigh of relief if you feel like you're overly concerned about security. Today, many solutions allow you to solve the issue of safety with some clever devices for your home. If you are one of those who get into bed and are tormented by doubts about whether the windows are closed, then there are solutions that will allow you to check this in a few clicks right on your smartphone.

Below you will find the top 11 devices for all occasions to make you feel safe at home. If you have questions about the smart home security setup process, you can also get expert help from the Howly team, and we, in the meanwhile, will get back to the top 11 devices that will make you feel safer at home.

  1. Geeni WiFi Door Sensor

If you are not ready to install a security system, then these sensors are the best option to take care of the safety of your home. After installing these sensors, you will be notified if a door or window is opened. Therefore, in the event of a break-in into your home, you will receive an instant notification on your smartphone.

  1. Chamberlain MyQ Hub

Not sure whether you have closed your garage door and don't want to go out? With this gadget, there is no need to go out to check if the garage doors are closed. With your smartphone, you can open and close the door no matter where you are. The cost of this device is affordable, so it is an undoubted must-have for those who care about the safety of their home.

  1. Ring Alarm Pro

If you are looking for a system that is easy to set up with the ability to connect multiple sensors, this device is what you need. The system also offers a plan that includes round-the-clock monitoring of what is happening in your home. At the same time, if any threat is detected, the necessary emergency service will be sent to your home.

  1. Wyze Plug

This plug allows you to control any device that is in your home. If you are in a bed and it seems to you that someone is walking on the street, then you can turn on the lighting in the right place or in the right room with one click of your smartphone. Also, this device is suitable for those who are often outside the house to create the impression that there is someone inside. It is also handy for those who come home late. You can turn on the light on your way home and not be afraid of darkness.

  1. Wyze Lock

If you want to control the status of your door remotely, then this device will help you cope with this task. It allows you to open and close the door lock remotely. Moreover, the device will alert about the position of the door, that is, open or closed. Wyze Lock also offers a history of each opening and closing of the door. It also includes temporary digital keys that will be useful if you have pets or visitors.

  1. Amazon Echo Show 8

Do you doubt that this device fits into the category of products for a safe home? It offers several useful features that are related to the safety of your home. For example, it can send you an alert if it detects the sound of broken glass or an alarm. Therefore, you can kill two birds with one stone. You can get entertainment and some features in the security context.

  1. Arlo Essential Indoor Camera

If you are looking for a good solution in the context of a video surveillance system, then this camera is the best option. The camera offers a 130-degree view, and you can watch videos from your smartphone. What's more, the camera can record videos and store data in the cloud, allowing you to watch the video for any period at any time.

  1. Google Nest Protect Smoke Alarm

This is one of the best home smoke detectors. This device works not only on smoke but also on carbon monoxide. When danger is detected, the device will instantly send a notification to your smartphone. At the same time, you will receive notifications even if you are away from home. The gadget comes in two variations, and you can choose both wireless and wired devices.

  1. Moen Flo Smart Water Leak Detector

If you are worried that your home may be affected by flooding, then this device will be a real helper in order to quickly fix such a problem. You will receive instant notifications if water appears in places where it should not be. With the help of additional functions that this device implies, you can configure the automatic shutdown of the water supply remotely.

  1. Google Nest Doorbell

Want to know who is ringing the doorbell? This device will allow you to see whoever presses the doorbell. Moreover, this device can become a mini surveillance camera at the current moment. If you feel anxious, you can see what is happening on the street. The advantage of this device is the presence of smart alerts that are able to recognize people, animals, and vehicles.

  1. Nest Learning Thermostat

Lie down in bed and remember you didn't turn off the heater? Do you like to check all devices that are plugged in several times a day? It's time to optimize all these processes. All you need is to buy this device. Next, go to Google Home or Nest apps, and you can control your electricity consumption, set the desired temperature, and even turn air conditioners or heaters on or off. Also, this device is convenient for those who are often away from home.

Wrapping Up

How do you like these solutions for the security of your home? Agree that with such small devices, you can fall asleep without anxiety and also go on vacation. If you want more interesting tips for your home, then check out this article.


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