10 Tips to Make Moving Easier

Despite increased mobility and shorter durations at places of employment in America, the percentage of people moving has actually gone down over the years. According to the United States Census Bureau, 10.1% of people moved from 2017 to 2018 which is the lowest number since data was first recorded in 1948. With some handy tips and professional moving services, this momentous event can become a simple and smooth transition.


For those who did move, the most common reason was to acquire a new or better home or apartment.  Regardless of how many people move and why, one thing remains the same: Moving to a new place can be a pain in the rear. It’s often stressful and expensive. However, the good news is that Billy.com is providing you with 10 tips to make moving easier.


How to Make Moving Easier: Before the Move


The ease of your relocation will greatly depend on the steps you take before the big day comes. Focus on these four actions to get organized.


1. Create a Plan


Your moving date can easily sneak up on you and find you unprepared, so begin by planning out the move well in advance. Start at least two months before the moving date, earlier if your new place is across the country or you have a large family and/or home to pack. Use this moving checklist to ensure you remember to schedule important to-do items, such as contacting utility companies and getting estimates on moving services.


2. Declutter


Instead of taking everything with you and going through it later, get rid of unwanted items before the move. You’ll have fewer belongings to pack, transport, and unpack, meaning the move will be quicker and less expensive. In deciding what to get rid of, ask the following questions:


  • Does it serve a necessary purpose?
  • How often is it used? When was the last time it was used?
  • Is it broken or damaged? If it’s repairable, what are the chances it will actually be fixed?
  • Does it hold sentimental value? If so, how much?


Weeding out items can seem like an enormous task, so break it up into daily bite-size pieces. For example, you can start with all the clothes in your dresser one day, the clothes in your closet the next day, and then your clothes in storage the day after that. Once you’ve finished your own, move on to another family member’s closet. You can also divide the project by room. Do whatever makes the job manageable and effective for you.


3. Pack Smart to Make Moving Easy


The most-dreaded challenge usually is packing. However, with a few tricks and tools, it can be a breeze:


  • Use small boxes: Smaller boxes are easier to stack and carry. They are also quicker to pack and unpack, giving you the feeling of making faster progress.
  • Label boxes creatively: Instead of just writing contents on boxes, take photographs before closing the box and number it accordingly. You can also find apps for this. Then use a specific colored tape for each room’s boxes so you can see at a glance where they should go.
  • Protect breakables: Fill boxes completely to prevent space for items to shift and break. Make use of towels and blankets as padding to save on bubble wrap, paper, and boxes.

4. Photograph Furniture Before Disassembling


Before you take apart beds, cribs, and other large pieces of furniture, take a picture of them assembled from different angles. The photos will help you remember where every part goes. You can do the same for electronic hookups, too. Moving services can take over disassembling and reassembling furniture if you want.


Making Moving Easier: Moving Day


The hardest part is over! Now the big moment has finally arrived. Stay on track with these four tips for a less stressful moving day.

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5. Start Early


As you choose your time to start loading the truck and to get on the road, keep in mind the weather and traffic patterns of both your current area and the one you are going to. Beginning early gives you time in case problems arise. Some moving companies even charge less in the morning because there is less demand for early start times.


6. Keep Important Items With You


Moves are notorious for delays and obstacles. It’s best to be prepared for an emergency by keeping important documents and everyday necessities with you in the vehicle you’re traveling in instead of in the moving van in case of unforeseen circumstances.


7. Provide Refreshments


It’s common to be so focused on the task that you forget about eating and drinking. Supply plenty of water and snacks for everyone to avoid dehydration, fatigue, and “hangry” helpers and kids.


8. Load the Truck Correctly


For the highest security, load large items first, with heavy belongings on the bottom and lighter ones on top. This not only prevents your stuff from moving around but also maximizes the space inside the truck. If you use professional moving services, the workers will already know how best to fit everything.


How to Make Moving Easier: After the Move


The feeling of reaching your new location is such a relief. You can relax that first night and just unpack your necessities for the time being. In the morning, though, you will have mountains of boxes to take care of, and you may feel out of energy. Prioritize the last steps of your move.


9. Get the Kids and Pets Settled First


Moving is hard on children. What can help with the transition is settling them into their new rooms first. Let them decide the layout and décor of the room to get them involved in unpacking. With the kids playing or chilling in their new rooms, you’ll have fewer distractions while you hit the rest of the home.


Moving is equally hard on your pets.  When your pets first arrive in your new home they will be excited to be done with the trip and more excited to explore their new surroundings.  Be sure to give them ample time to explore and get accustomed to their new home.


10. Explore the Area


You don’t have to get all the boxes unpacked right away, just the stuff you need immediate access to, such as towels and tableware. Take a couple of meals off from cooking and try new restaurants. Find the nearest park, library, movie theater, or ice cream shop to take a break or to reward the family for working hard.


Making a Move Easier is Possible


There may be a lot to do, but when you break up your move into different segments, it can help you stay organized throughout the entire process. Hiccups may still happen along the way, but you’ll be better prepared to handle them. For even more assistance, consider hiring professional moving services. Get a free quote at Billy.com.

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