Top 10 reasons why plumbing repair is important

There are a dozen ways plumbing problems can manifest, but the usual suspect is always that pesky leak.

From small leaks to massive ruptures, leaks can completely devastate your home if you are not careful and have it checked and repaired earlier.

There are also tiny leaks that can appear due to minor damage and remain undetected for months. In all this time, the leaks can completely affect the surrounding walls and your floor, damaging everything in its way.

And by the time you figure out something is wrong, you may have to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs.

So the optimum way you can guard against these plumbing complications is frequent maintenance and repairs.

Top reasons why you should never neglect your plumbing maintenance

Frequent plumbing can give you the opportunity to locate potential issues with your entire plumbing system before a small problem can lead to bigger issues.

Having an experienced Denton plumbing professional check your plumbing every now and then can help ensure your plumbing stays in topnotch condition all year round.

In addition, investing in maintaining your plumbing system every couple of months is also a great way to boost the efficiency of several plumbing elements that can help keep your utility bills low.

In light of this, mentioned below are some ways plumbing problems can manifest themselves:

  1. Wastewater cross-contamination

Per state and city building regulations, it is mandatory for your water drain line or other system features to have an air gap between them and the sewer line.

Without a physical separation, it is highly possible that a cross-connection can lead all that wastewater into your home's water supply, contaminating everything. This could lead to potential health and safety hazards.

  1. Mold development

Another serious health risk caused by plumbing leaks is mold growth. Mold typically develops in inconspicuous areas in the house and can lead to several respiratory complications.

  1. Lead and toxins

Exposure to lead can be deadly. Although new constructions don't have lead pipes and fixtures, it is still possible that older homes and apartments building still have solder or lead pipes. 

It is extremely vital to have your plumbing system checked to see whether or not there is a spike in the lead levels in the water you drink and use. It is important to know that lead-containing solder was made illegal back in 1986. However, there are thousands of houses today that contain this metal.  

  1. Damage to your hot water heater

Water heaters don't have a particularly long life. For example, tank water heaters are manufactured to last up to 8 to 15 years. After this time span, the system will begin to corrode and become less efficient in heating water as it did when you bought it new.

Now apart from the drop in efficiency, old water heaters also develop several leaks. What this does is cause the system to overheat the tank, which in turn can lead to a ruptured tank, flooding the area.

The best way to deal with this problem is getting tankless water heaters installed. They are safer, more long-term, and are designed to provide a limitless source of heated water without storing additional heated water that you are not going to use.

  1. Wall damage

To keep the house tidy, all the pipework is designed to run behind the walls. While this is a great idea when it comes to boosting your home's interior aesthetics, there are a number of problems you can face if there are leaks in your plumbing system.

When there is a leak in any of the pipes behind a wall, it is going to become increasingly difficult to identify the problem at the earliest.

Moreover, it is also possible that you don't pay attention to a minor water spot on the wall and just shrug it off.

This is unwise because that tiny water spot may be indicative of something massive going on. And in some cases, water leaks can completely destroy your drywalls.

  1. Floor damage

A serious plumbing problem can cause plenty of damage to your floor coverings too. After a leak occurs, the pool of water flows downhill. So, if there are the different leak in different pipes, all that water could be pooling beneath your flooring.

The most common symptom of floor damage is loose tiles, warped, and discolored floorboards. As you soon as you see one or more of these indications, call a plumber immediately.

  1. Damage to fixtures

When there is a leak in your plumbing, the drains, as well as your pipes, become susceptible to added pressures. Erratic changes in water pressure can damage your showerheads, water faucets and other fixtures in your kitchen and bathroom.

  1. Increase in your water bill

Another important consideration is the huge amounts of energy bills you will have to pay in case of a massive leak. All that water wasted is going to increase your overall monthly consumption of water. That naturally means you are going to have to pay more in water bills.

One way to identify a water leak is sudden spikes in your water bills. Compare your bill from the previous months and see if there is a major difference. If there is, you better call a plumber.

  1. Improved air quality

A frequent plumbing inspection can directly affect the overall quality of indoor air. You see, cracked and damaged pipes, and even pressure issues can give birth to mildew and bacteria. Water leaks are breeding ground for such hazardous elements, affecting the quality of the air you breathe.

  1. Keeping your water clean

Similar to how you keep your air quality topnotch, with plumbing maintenance and repair you will also be able to keep pipes and drain system clean, enhancing their lifespan and durability. This is going to be vital when it comes to using filtered water to take a bath, brushing your teeth, and even drinking the water.

Bottom line

To mitigate expensive repairs, and more importantly, to keep you and your family healthy and thriving, it is absolutely essential to invest in monthly plumbing repair and maintenance.

Even if you get a general plumbing inspection done once or twice a year, it is going to help save you a lot of money on expensive makeovers and repairs.


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