Suggestions for Front Door Security Improvement


While it's commonly believed that burglars would use a less visible entry point, statistics would say otherwise. In fact, according to the Bureau of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, 34% of burglars actually gain entry through the front door. Given this, it's evident how vital front door security really is to your home's overall security.


There are various steps you may take to strengthen the security of your front door, many of which are outlined here. These front door safety and security upgrade solutions are intended to provide you with the best outcomes possible.


So, if you're not too confident with your front door's security, we have listed down below some of the most effective ways to upgrade it. Read on and ensure your family's safety.


 Common Front Door Security Vulnerabilities 

Before we get into the specifics of enhancing your front door security, let's first look at the most prevalent hazards you should be aware of according to a professional locksmith in Aurora, CO:


 1. Door Latch Plates 

The closing latch and deadbolt lock on most door knobs barely extend 1/2 to 1 inch into the door frame, and the wood on a conventional door frame is not incredibly sturdy. 3/4-inch screws secure a metal plate into which the lock fits the door frame. These elements combine to make it very simple to kick through a front door.


 2. Door Hinges 

The same problem exists with hinges as it does with deadbolt locks. Most of the screws used to attach a hinge are 3/4-inch screws, which are not strong enough to withstand a simple kick. Furthermore, due to high foot traffic and the age of the hinges, homeowners commonly encounter these screws falling out when they open and close their doors, which makes the door even easier to kick in.


 3. Door  Material

Nowadays, the majority of residential exterior doors are made of solid materials--but not all. Even if your front door is made of metal but has a hollow inside, it may be relatively easy to break through.


 Front Door Security Suggestions 

With the above hazards, we can quickly see how we may increase front door security. So, what are your alternatives? Here are a few to think about:


 1. Make your door stronger. 

You may fortify your door with additional security measures. One of the most effective safety locks for front doors is a deadbolt, which can only be locked and unlocked inside.


Using steel or nickel reinforcements, you may also strengthen your doors' hinges, screws, and locks. When installed, it will be difficult to kick down a door since the metal reinforces the locking mechanism and the door from the inside.


Furthermore, a high-quality door handle may increase the security of your front door. A low-quality door handle can be easily twisted, damaged, or pushed, allowing home invaders to enter your home.


 2. Make a strike plate. 

A security strike plate is a piece of metal used to reinforce the door jamb. The door jamb is a susceptible area of your door frame; adding a strike plate may quickly improve the safety and security of your front door.


 3. Put in a peephole. 

A peephole may give your front door an extra degree of security. Aside from knowing who's on the other side of the door before opening it, potential attackers are less likely to attempt a break-in through a door with a peephole since they lose the element of surprise.


 4. Replace or repair your door hinges. 

Like any other component, a door hinge can wear out after years of usage. You can stay on top by checking the hinges often and making adjustments. Remember that hinges are a point of weakness, and the weaker the hinge, the easier it is for an invader to gain entrance.


 5. Change the door. 

Purchasing a new front door is more than just a aesthetic decision; it also provides a chance to strengthen the security of your property. There are several ways to reinforce the door, but if the door itself is old or broken, any reinforcement would be useless. That's why if the front door is showing signs of damage, it's best to invest in a new one.


With various materials and alternatives to pick from (such as a wooden door, a composite door, or a uPVC front door), you can correctly match your front door to your house's aesthetic style.



There are various methods to strengthen the security of your front door. Even within the previously listed suggestions, there are an unlimited number of alterations and improvements that you may implement. Once you've decided, you must determine whether to improve your security on your own or employ a professional.


If you need clarification about where to begin improving your front door security, it may be good to get advice from a home security expert, including your local locksmith.

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