Beat Home Issues: Top 10 Solutions to Garage Problems Homeowners Face

As your special place for vehicles and storage, your garage is a much needed necessity for your home. But sometimes, garages can bring their own fair share of troubles. From bad lighting to pest infestations, your garage can sometimes come out looking like a battleground! And you don't want that in the comfort of your own home.

But don't worry, as you'll learn how to tackle and overcome these persistent issues. In this article, you'll find out about the top 10 solutions to garage problems homeowners like yourself face, so you can start turning those worries into relief.  

Top 10 Garage Problems and Their Solutions:

 1.  Clutter (Solution: Organizational Systems)

Since garages are natural storage spaces for homes, homeowners tend to stockpile items in a messy way. To avoid this, simply throw out (or recycle) items you don't need. Then, implement an organizational system to store your items neatly. You can use cabinets for more space, and labeled bins for seamless categorization.


  2. Bad Lighting (Solution: Fix Lighting System)

You don't want a dark garage in your home. After all, they're both dangerous and inconvenient! Fix your garage's lighting by upgrading your lighting system. Use brighter bulbs, angle them strategically, and use different types of lights. Overhead lights should be at the center of the room, while smaller task lights should be used for work areas.


  3. Damaged Floors (Solution: Floor Coating)

Damaged floors aren't just visually unattractive, they're also dangerous and high-maintenance. Contact the nearest floor coating company and invest in dependable floor coating services. With coatings such as epoxy or acrylic, you can expect a beautiful finish on your floor while providing increased protection and lessened maintenance.


  4. Lack of Storage (Solution: Mounted Furniture)

Maximizing the space in your garage might sound easy, but it can prove a bit of a hassle if you don't know what you're doing. If you find yourself lacking storage space, consider buying wall-mounted storage units. Vertical shelves are a great start for more space, but you can also go for ceiling-mounted furniture for heavy-duty equipment.


  5. Infestations (Solution: Sealing and Cleaning)

Pests are sneaky creatures that can infiltrate your home through the smallest of cracks and gaps in your walls and floors. To avoid pest infestations, cover up crevices in these parts using high-quality coatings. You should also start cleaning your garage more often, as pests indicate a build-up of dirt and clutter.


  6. Dull Visuals (Solution: Redesign)

Just because your garage is primarily used for parking and storage, it doesn't mean that you should neglect its appearance. You can enhance your garage's visual appeal by adding a face-lift of sorts, including adding a new paint, applying new floor coatings, and redoing the room layout.


7. Mismanaged Items   (Solution: Labeled Storage Containers)

While dumping all your items into your garage leads to clutter, it also results in another issue— difficulty finding items. With no organization at all, you can spend hours searching for that one wrench you misplaced while working on your car. Make your garage experience hassle-free by using containers with clear labels and categories.


8. Limited Workspace (Solution: X-in-one Furniture)  

If you want to maximize the most working area out of your garage space, you should look into multifunctional furniture. Some units, such as workbenches, offer all-in-one features with built-in equipment and storage so you don't have to worry about trying to fit all your tools, tables and what-not into a tight space.


9. Bad Odors (Solution: Proper Ventilation)  

If you have a persistent unpleasant smell in your garage, it probably means you don't have proper ventilation in and out of the area. Adding an extra window or constantly opening your doors are starting steps you can take. But ultimately, you should install ventilation ducts and fans for long-term results.


10. Toxic Chemicals Storage (Solution: Reinforced Containers)

Exposure to chemicals is harmful to your property and family. With corrosive chemicals spilling all over your property, breakage is inevitable. What's worse is your family could be exposed to toxic chemicals, leading to more damage. Prevent these from happening by using secure containers that can hold chemicals over long periods of time.  


Key Takeaway 

While garage issues are persistent and unavoidable, you can minimize the risk by following the solutions provided in this article. With a secure, organized, and multifunctional garage, you can rest free from worries about common problems. Take a look at which problems are present in your home and apply the right solutions to transform your garage into a safe haven.


If you have other concerns not tackled in this article or if you want to achieve your dream garage, consider calling professional epoxy flooring in Ogden, Utah. Expert services yield guaranteed and long-lasting results, which is perfect if you're looking at long-term home investments. 


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