8 Sensors to Help You Create a Smart Home

Never allow your wallet to leak money if your house is leaking water. Are you aware that any property damage including theft accounts for more than 95% of home insurance claims? Damage to the property can disrupt your life via various forces such as fire and lightning, tornados and hurricanes, or wind and hail. Other problems include freezing damage and water leaks or thefts. The good part is that with the advent of the Internet of Things and smart home sensors you can protect yourself, your family, and your home. Here are 8 sensors that will keep you safe from all these issues.


1. CO/Fire detection: Fire by far is the biggest reason for the damage to properties. For several years your humble fire detectors beeped at the first signs of smoke in the homes. However, many kinds of pollutants threaten the environment within the home. A CO detector measures the CO levels within the house and warns the occupants if necessary. Some new sensors are capable of detecting both CO and smoke in the house and monitoring the air quality.


2. Moisture/leakage detection: Freezing and water damage is one of the top causes of home insurance claims. Nobody wants to receive a call informing you about water pouring from your home. If a line from the ice-maker breaks, water keeps running for 24 hours. It is an expensive thing. Having a moisture detection sensor provides a heads-up when your house is in danger of broken pipelines and freezing pipes. You can place the sensors around the dishwashers, sinks, or water heaters.


3. Windows and doors opening and closing: Windows and doors sensors intimate you when people are entering or leaving your home. They can even turn on the lights or turn them off when the doors are undone and shut. These sensors are the first line of defense against home break-ins. Many sensors detect when a window is attacked by an intruder. The wireless technology allows you to get notifications to your phone to act quickly.


4. Video doorbell: Using a video doorbell allows you to thwart theft attempts. It is a cool device allowing you to check the person at the front door from your phone. You can easily check from the insides of your home or the workplace. This sensor together with the door open and close sensors can keep the thieves at bay. There are several video doorbells available in the market for this purpose.


5. Wi-Fi motion sensors: You can use Wi-Fi motion sensors for intelligent sensing that will allow the use of innovative software that will identify motion in the home by detecting and interpreting changes to the Wi-Fi signals. It will enhance the capabilities of a smart home by transforming your existing wireless network into a motion detection system. These sensors can stand guard when there is no one at home.


6. Smart thermostats: Smart thermostats provide control over the heating and cooling within the home. You can do this from anywhere. These thermostats not only are useful they save money by monitoring humidity and temperature levels within the house and outside. There is a temperature change when you move in and out of the home. A smart thermostat can adjust the temperatures based on room use and your behavior.


7. Smart garage doors: If you have Wi-Fi-enabled smart garage doors it will provide additional peace of mind. The technology used here is pretty simple but it can be extremely useful. You don’t have to worry about whether you have left the garage doors. You may open and shut the garage door from a location by using your mobile phone.


8. Hub/intercom: After you have installed the sensors to develop a smart home, you need to manage things from a single location. You can use the hub and intercom systems that allow access to all the sensors within the smart home by using just a single button.




Therefore, you will find many sensors in the market that will help you in creating a smart and safe home that remains protected even when you are not in it. There are many people out there that are adopting this technology and it is also becoming an insurance incentive. Insurance companies are also looking to make your home safer. So, technology without doubt has helped in creating safer and smarter homes.

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