Essential Upgrades When Renovating a Hous

Your home is supposed to be a haven where you can unwind at the end of a taxing day or enjoy warm conversations and meals with your loved ones. How it’s built directly corresponds to your preferences and tastes, defining who you are. Perhaps you feel like your property’s current aesthetic has run its course and requires some changes. While a renovation project isn’t easy in the park, it’s worth the investment. 

According to statistics, the home improvement market stands at $538 billion, which shows how much people value home upgrades and the quality they add to their lives. If you’re a first-time renovator, keep reading as we look at some essentials that will significantly help improve your house’s look into something more comfortable, functional, and stylish. 

  1. Kitchen Countertops

If you want to make a big visual statement or improvement, focusing on your kitchen countertops is the way to go. They have to bear the brunt of craft time, food prep, frequent cleaning, and spills while also playing a crucial role in your kitchen’s style and performance. You might still have excellent cabinets, but worn-out countertops dull their shine, making the entire space an eyesore. 

With materials like quartz to choose from, new countertops provide a fresh look that makes your kitchen easier to manage and use. You should note that revamping countertops can affect the existing backsplash, faucet, and sink as well. Why not use this opportunity to integrate a system that can be cleaned quickly and effortlessly? You can also consider adding a slab backsplash, brushed faucets, and an under-mount sink. 

  1. A Backyard Deck 

Enjoying fresh air or basking in the afternoon sun from time to time is essential for health. Even if you’re a homebody, you can always enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your backyard by setting up a deck. A back deck is a great place to kick back in the evening, read a book, or invite family and friends for a cookout. 

They’re available in various heights, features, shapes, and sizes, which makes it vital that you do your research beforehand. If you are experiencing time or money constraints and can’t build a deck immediately, you can set up your lot in a way that one can be added in the future. 

  1. A Cool Roof

Global warming has resulted in intense heat waves, and even staying indoors doesn’t provide the relief it used to. Unfortunately, it’s only going to get worse. It’s no surprise then that the heat problem is what everyone is interested in solving these days. If you want to reduce your energy bill and save money, you should install a cool roofing system. Cool roofs absorb less heat and reflect more sunlight than traditional roofs. 

This enables you to feel more comfortable at home and requires little energy from appliances like air conditioners to reduce the house’s temperature. Cool roofing material includes metal roofing, sheet coverings, shingles, reflective coatings, and tiles. If you think redoing the roof is a hassle, you can make changes to the existing one by adding reflective material that will provide some benefits of a cool roof. 

  1. A Barrier-Free Shower

These showers are also known as zero-threshold showers and provide several advantages. They give a sleek look to your bathroom by foregoing the traditional edge of a shower flood basin and are also safe for the elderly. You won’t have to worry about your loved ones tripping over the edge and hurting themselves. Although they’re costly and require more work, they’re worth the effort. You can reach out to a home construction company like Excel Builders, which possesses the latest technology and can customize your home according to your needs. 

  1. Greater Kitchen Storage

There’s always a great deal of activity in the kitchen, like cooking meals, conversations over the kitchen island, or someone checking the fridge for snacks. A crowded kitchen can be cumbersome, which is why adequate storage is essential. 

You must have a place to organize all your appliances, utensils, and pantry items if you want a more enjoyable, functional, and orderly kitchen. Consider incorporating specialty organizers into cabinets and drawers. Additionally, as traditional pantries are coming back into style, you can tap into a nearby room’s wall or build on a vacant kitchen corner to include one. It’ll make your daily use of the kitchen much more convenient and seamless, boosting your home’s value in the market as well. 

  1. Vaulted Ceilings 

One must-have item when renovating a home in popular demand is vaulted ceilings. You might think you don’t need them or that they don’t contribute significantly to your home, but that’s where you’re wrong. Vaulted ceilings completely modify your space into one that looks airy and spacious. Once you see how they enhance your living space for yourself, you won’t ever go back. 

  1. Updated Light Fixtures

Lighting can make or break your house’s look.  If you’re looking to switch up your house design, You should aim to place light fixtures in areas that allow pools of warm light to extend across the house, inducing a friendly and inviting look. It’s important to choose the right light fixtures for rooms by considering their function and quality. Lighting can add the ‘wow factor’ your home is lacking. 

  1. An Entryway

If you’re tired of picking up your kids’ shoes when you just want to relax after a long day at work, it’s time to integrate a front entryway in your home. An entryway can hide all your coats and shoes in a closet or another storage space. It will also enable your guests to store their belongings safely and reduce the chances of them leaving something behind that you’ll have to fend to. 


When you renovate your home, the most practical course of action is to focus on upgrades that add value to your lifestyle by making it more efficient and cozy. You want your reward to be worth the effort, and thorough research can ensure that you don’t regret any of the home renovations you make. There’s no right time to start your remodeling project; it depends on when you’re ready and financially stable, so do everything on your own terms. 

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