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Specialties Based in Chicago will move anything, anytime, anywhere! Providing Residential, Commercial, Long distance and storage services for Chicago, Our valuable expertise will be the main factor when you decide to choose us as your mover. We are looking forward to serving you! we are committed to the personal touch in dealing with our clients. We are excited to serve you professionally as your make your move. History Established in 2004. If you're looking for a Chicago moving company with an outstanding record of customer satisfaction, then Family Moving is the right company for you. In order to realize the qualities you need to look for in a relocation company, you should consider the reason you're hiring professionals instead of just asking some friends or hiring a few kids who live down the street. If you're like most people we run into, you want to hire professional movers because you want people with experience and the ability to move your precious possessions safely. At Family Moving, we have over 23 combined years of experience as professional movers. That means that we really know what works and what doesn't. We know how many people it will take to move a pool table or piano and how to do so in a way that helps keep those items safe. Meet the Manager Travis S. Travis S. Manager Family Moving & Storage is family owned and has been past down, We have been in business roughly 25 years. We started this company to help the elderly and physically impaired take on a move and we have grew into a much larger business.
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